New Game of Thrones Fan Theory Suggests How Arya Could Kill Daenerys

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan, HBO

Warning: Spoilers for all aired episodes of Game of Thronesahead.

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, "The Bells," we saw firsthand through Arya Stark just how much destruction Daenerys Targaryen's attack on King’s Landing caused. Viewers followed the trained assassin as she ran alongside thousands of innocent civilians trying to get away from Drogon's fire, and Arya nearly died herself. She saw all of the massacred people in the streets, along with buildings falling left and right, but she managed to escape the city in the final moments of the episode.

This wasn't the first time we saw Arya use her intense survival skills to avoid death in a battle this season; she memorably survived the Battle of Winterfell and saved the Seven Kingdoms by killing the Night King. So of course, the next outcome fans have started to speculate about is whether or not she will do this again by killing the Khaleesi.

Since it looks like Daenerys has fully become the Mad Queen, many believe she has to be killed in the finale, and one new theory argues an interesting way Arya could do it. As reported by Inverse, Redditor hoowuurd believes Arya will use Grey Worm's face to commit the act, after she and Jon Snow decide they must kill both the Unsullied leader and the Mother of Dragons. As we saw during the siege of King's Landing, Jon's perspective changed once Dany and Grey Worm began killing again after the city surrendered, so it wouldn't be a stretch to believe Jon knows they need to end another possible reign of a tyrant. And now that Missandei is dead, there's no reason for Grey Worm to ever leave Daenerys's service.

"Arya will use Grey Worm's face to kill Dany, and set it up to look as if either Grey Worm killed Dany and then himself, or just flee the scene and leave it a mystery to the realm," the user argues.

We're sure many fans would be behind this move, as it would mean we would get to see Arya use what the Faceless Men taught her one last time. She brought faces back with her to Winterfell, as Sansa Stark discovered in the season 7 episode "Beyond the Wall." We haven't seen Arya use any faces this season, and it seems a shame to end the series without at least one more trick like this.

We don't see where Arya is headed once she rides out of the chaos in "The Bells," but she's probably going to find Jon. And even if Arya doesn't actually kill Daenerys, we can bet that she will have a huge part determining where Westeros goes from here.

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Watch One Second From Every Game of Thrones Episode in Under Two Minutes

Helen Sloan/HBO
Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones aired its final episode on May 19, and despite some harsh reviews, many fans are finding it hard to accept the show’s end. While some consider Thrones counseling or rewatching the series with a tissue box handy, others on the internet are creating really cool montage videos.

Twitter user Andy Kelly recently posted a fan-made video of one-second clips from all 73 Game of Thrones episodes. The video shows the most memorable scenes from the series, such as Ned Stark’s decapitation, the Red Wedding, King Joffrey being poisoned, Jon Snow’s resurrection, the killing of the Night King, and Daenerys Targaryen’s death.

You really can’t capture all of the action-packed events and shocking twists that happened within the eight seasons of Game of Thrones so quickly, but the video does a good job of giving encapsulating it in under two minutes. And it’s easier than binge-watching it again.

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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Us What a Game of Thrones/Full House Mashup Would Look Like

Two of the least-similar shows in television history just came together … in a parody courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The hilarious video depicts a hypothetical Game of Thrones spinoff series where Jaime Lannister joins two classic characters from Full House for a show appropriately titled Full House Lannister.

While there is at least one Thrones spinoff already in the works, Kimmel couldn’t wait for the series to premiere, so he made his own to deal with the post-Thrones blues.

The video starts off in typical Full House fashion with Joey (Dave Coulier) trying to open a pickle jar, which Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) stabs with his sword and destroys. After a few pun-filled jokes, Jaime gets upset and Danny (Bob Saget) sits down with him to talk. Jaime explains that he had a fight with his sister, but when he reveals it’s because he got Cersei pregnant again, a creeped out Danny flees the situation. Joey then comes over to seemingly console Jaime, but instead hilariously says, “I was just going to tell you to stop f***ing your sister.”

The parody perfectly combines the silliness of Full House and the darker topics of Game of Thrones—and the cherry on top is a shadow of a dragon flying over San Francisco in the credits.

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