The 30 Most Popular Game of Thrones-Related Baby Names in America

Rory McCann, Liam Cunningham, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Isaac Hempstead Wright in Game of Thrones
Rory McCann, Liam Cunningham, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Isaac Hempstead Wright in Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan, HBO

What's in a name? Years full of potential humiliation for your child if you decide to get a little too cutesy with their moniker. Or, if your little bundle of joy is set to be a part of the class of 2036, proof that his or her parents were serious Game of Thrones fans back in the day.

The Social Security Administration has released its annual list of the most popular baby names of 2018. While perfectly acceptable names like Emma, Olivia, Liam, and Noah topped the rankings, IndieWire reports that there was clear evidence that a lot of people are naming their kids after their favorite Game of Thrones characters. And the clear winner here is Arya Stark, who now shares a first name with 2545 kids born in 2018.

Coming in at a not-so-close second wasn't a name, but a title: Khaleesi. Daenerys and Tyrion made the list, too. But even the show's most brutal villains got some shout-outs (see: Ramsay and Gregor).

  1. Arya: 2545
  2. Khaleesi: 560
  3. Yara: 434
  4. Lyanna: 319
  5. Shae: 125
  6. Renly: 102
  7. Jory: 72
  8. Tyrion: 58
  9. Brienne: 33
  10. Jorah: 30
  11. Sansa: 29
  12. Catelyn: 21
  13. Ellaria: 17
  14. Oberyn: 15
  15. Nymeria: 15
  16. Ramsay: 15
  17. Theon: 14
  18. Aerys: 14
  19. Gregor: 11
  20. Shireen: 11
  21. Talisa: 11
  22. Sandor: 10
  23. Khal: 9
  24. Olenna: 9
  25. Rennick: 9
  26. Daenerys: 8
  27. Bran: 8
  28. Beric: 8
  29. Brynden: 8
  30. Myranda: 8

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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Us What a Game of Thrones/Full House Mashup Would Look Like

Two of the least-similar shows in television history just came together … in a parody courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The hilarious video depicts a hypothetical Game of Thrones spinoff series where Jaime Lannister joins two classic characters from Full House for a show appropriately titled Full House Lannister.

While there is at least one Thrones spinoff already in the works, Kimmel couldn’t wait for the series to premiere, so he made his own to deal with the post-Thrones blues.

The video starts off in typical Full House fashion with Joey (Dave Coulier) trying to open a pickle jar, which Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) stabs with his sword and destroys. After a few pun-filled jokes, Jaime gets upset and Danny (Bob Saget) sits down with him to talk. Jaime explains that he had a fight with his sister, but when he reveals it’s because he got Cersei pregnant again, a creeped out Danny flees the situation. Joey then comes over to seemingly console Jaime, but instead hilariously says, “I was just going to tell you to stop f***ing your sister.”

The parody perfectly combines the silliness of Full House and the darker topics of Game of Thrones—and the cherry on top is a shadow of a dragon flying over San Francisco in the credits.

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More Than 14,000 Marvel Fans Have Signed a Petition to Make Danny DeVito the New Wolverine

Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images
Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

When you think of who could possibly take on the role of a character as iconic as Wolverine from the X-Men, Danny DeVito probably isn't the first actor you'd land on. But there are thousands of MCU fans who would disagree. A new petition to name the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor as Hugh Jackman's successor is getting a lot of traction, as NME reports.

The petition, which was set up with a goal of getting 15,000 signatures, already has more than 14,220 supporters. The pitch for DeVito reads as such:

“The only man able to take the throne after Hugh Jackman. We believe that if Wolverine is to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the only man able to pull it off is Danny DeVito.”

Fans who are supporting the cause have also been posting comments of encouragement on the page, with one writing, “It's f***ing Danny DeVito, enough said,” and another posting, “This is the most important cause I've ever supported.”

Now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, the X-Men could be welcomed into the MCU in the near future, which leaves most of the mutants’ fates hanging in the balance until Marvel Studios finds a way of incorporating them into their already-vast cinematic universe.

Jackman, who first played Wolverine in 2000, holds the record for longest career as a live-action superhero at a whopping 17 years. But he hung up his Adamantium claws in 2017 following the release of James Mangold's Logan. Though the position is currently vacant, we're not sure how much say these fans will have in who is cast next—though only time (and perhaps more signatures) will tell.

This petition isn’t the only one making headlines lately. The call to have Game of Thrones season 8 remade with “competent writers” recently passed the 1 million mark in signatures, and even caught the attention of the show’s stars (who are definitely not on board).

[h/t NME]