Jeopardy! Has Banned Contestants from Wagering $69 ($666 Isn't Allowed Either)

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Current Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer has proven that dominating the game is about more than what you know—it's also about what you wager. The professional gambler is known for making large, oddly specific bets on the show, a strategy that has earned him $1,275,587 in just 17 days. But there are five dollar amounts you won't see him wagering on Jeopardy!, as Mashable reports.

Ken Jennings, who took 74 days to win $3,270,700 (about 2.5 times Holzhauer's current earnings), recently joked about his sensible betting style on Twitter. The tweet led to a revelation about what contestants can and cannot wager on the show. According to Jennings (who also writes Mental Floss's Kennections column), betting exactly $69 "is officially forbidden on Jeopardy now, as of last year."

Holzhauer added in his in own tweet that, "Actually, there are five banned wagers," and the number 69 "is probably the most innocuous one." In addition to barring players from using Final Jeopardy as an opportunity to make a crude joke, the show also forbids them from betting $666, $14, $88, or $1488, former contestants confirmed on Reddit. The number 666 has satanic associations in Christianity, and 1488 is a white supremacist symbol.

Adhering to the wager rule is the least of Jeopardy! contestants' worries when they step up to the podium. Here are some secrets of the show's past winners.

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Target Has Launched a Harry Potter Line of Clothing, Accessories, and Home Goods


No more blending in with the mediocre Muggles—now wizards can decorate and accessorize like the magical creatures they are with Target's brand-new line of Harry Potter clothing and home goods.

Target shoppers will feel like they’ve stepped through Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station as they wander the Harry Potter-stuffed aisles. Popsugar reports that Target will carry more than 500 Harry Potter-themed items, including socks, lanterns, pillows, dolls and much more.

You’ll be able to wake up in your Hogwarts sheets, have your morning coffee in a Slytherin mug, and take a ride on a foam Nimbus 2000 replica while rocking a Potter t-shirt. Not sure what house you’re in? No sweat! Target is even carrying a real-life sorting hat.

Whether you need a gift for the kiddos, or just want to treat your inner witch, Target is sure to have the perfect find in its Wizarding World line.

House Boasting a ‘Harry Potter Room’ Under the Stairs Hits the Market in San Diego

Cupboard under the stairs featured on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter in London.
Cupboard under the stairs featured on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter in London.
Matt Robinson, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

When Harry Potter fans dream of living like the boy wizard, they may picture Harry's cozy quarters in the Gryffindor dormitory at Hogwarts. One home owner in San Diego, California is trying to spin one of Harry's much less idyllic living situations as a magical feature. As The San Diego Union-Tribune reports, a listing of a three-bedroom house for sale in the city's Logan Heights neighborhood boasts a "Harry Potter room"—a.k.a storage room under the stairs.

In the Harry Potter books, the cupboard under the stairs of the Dursley residence served as Harry's bedroom before he enrolled in Hogwarts. Harry was eager to escape the cramped, dusty space, but thanks to the series' massive success, a similar feature in a real-world home may be a selling point for Harry Potter fans.

Kristin Rye, the seller of the San Diego house, told The Union-Tribune she would read Harry Potter books to her son, though she wouldn't describe herself as a super fan. As for why she characterized her closet as a “large ‘Harry Potter’ storage room underneath stairs" in her real estate listing, she said it was the most accurate description she could think of. “It’s just this closet under the stairs that goes back and is pretty much like a Harry Potter room. I don’t know how else to describe it," she told the newspaper.

Beyond the cupboard under the stairs, Rye's listing doesn't bear much resemblance to the cookie-cutter, suburban home of 4 Privet Drive. Nearly a century old, the San Diego house has the same cobwebs and a musty smells you might expect from the Hogwarts dungeons, the newspaper reports. But there are some perks, including a parking spot and backyard space for a garden or pull-up bar. The 1322-square-foot home is listed at $425,000—cheaper than the median price of $620,000 for a resale single-family home in the area.

If you want to live like a wizard, you don't necessarily need to start by moving under a staircase. In North Yorkshire, England, a cottage modeled after Hagrid's Hut is available to rent on a nightly basis.

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