Which of Daenerys's Dragons—If Any—Will Survive Game of Thrones?


While oddsmakers are taking bets on which Game of Thrones character will end up occupying the Iron Throne, fans of the series are beginning to wonder about the mortality odds of something else altogether: Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons.

In a series full of heartbreaking and horrific deaths, the death of Viserion at the hands of the Night King and his deadly ice spear in season 7 remains among the show's most depressing moments. And while we later saw the Wights dragging the dragon’s body out of the frozen water, only to watch as the creature's eyes opened and turned bright blue—signaling that he’s now part of the Night King’s army of the dead—we're still holding out hope that something can be done to turn Viserion back. And that Daenerys has a plan to keep her two remaining dragons—Drogon and Rhaegal—safe.

Over at Mashable, Jess Joho has clearly also got dragons on the brain. In a new article, she details the two main factors that could determine which dragon(s) will survive Game of Thrones's final season: their size and the connection to their rider.

In George R.R. Martin’s latest book, Fire & Blood, which serves as a history of House Targaryen, Martin makes it known that dragon size matters. As for Dany’s three: Drogon is the biggest, followed by Rhaegal, and then Viserion. The article points out different reasons why Drogon is the size he is, including that his egg was always the biggest and that his growth wasn’t stunted like his brothers' could have been when they were caged and he was flying free in Valyria.

While size is important, the connection the dragon has to its rider might be even more significant, according to Joho. Daenerys is arguably the closest to Drogon, while the Night King now has a connection with Viserion (though it's unlikely to be as emotional as the one he had with Dany). That just leaves Rhaegal, and fan speculation is running rampant that we'll see Jon Snow riding him in the final season (the dragon was named after Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon's father, after all).

While at this point it's all just speculation, Mashable points out another possibility that could change the game a bit: more dragons. “Maybe one's been hiding out in the crypts of Winterfell," Joho writes. "Maybe another native Westerosi dragon has been holed up elsewhere for all this time, since dragons live very, very long. Maybe Melisandre will come back from her trip in season 7 with a dragon from Asshai.”

In other words: It would be a mistake to ignore the possibility that Dany's kids are the only dragons in existence.

But what does this all mean in the end? Well, potentially bad news. The Mashable piece concludes that fate may see all three dragons dying, as a way to restore peace to Westeros.

[h/t: Mashable]

Stranger Things Fans Can Now Buy a 6-Foot-Tall Demogorgon Sprinkler

BigMouth Inc., Amazon
BigMouth Inc., Amazon

Some fans watch a show and then talk about it. Others create art inspired by it. Others develop far-out theories. But sometimes, fans go even further than that—like when pool accessory company BigMouth Inc. revealed its massive Stranger Things-inspired, inflatable Demogorgon sprinkler, which is now available for any fan to purchase.

The sprinkler, the perfect gift for those wishing to combine their love of sci-fi monstrosities and thorough lawn irrigation, stands 6 feet tall and can be connected to any standard hose, allowing it to spurt water from its horrifying open face, according to House Beautiful. And for fans thinking it can only be found in the far corners of the internet, fear not: the sprinkler is available now at Target and on Amazon.

If you want a less flashy way to show off your Stranger Things fandom this summer, BigMouth Inc. also sells a plethora of other novelty items based on the show, like an Upside Down-themed pool tube, Scoops Ahoy floating cupholders, and a float based on one of Eleven’s trademark waffles. (See all the options on Amazon here.)

This marks the latest in a series of collaborations for the hugely successful Netflix series. Prior to its release, Stranger Things teamed with both H&M and Nike to release clothing and shoes inspired by the series. It also collaborated with Coca-Cola to produce a limited edition collection of New Coke cans inspired by a moment in the third season.

We’re glad there’s a plethora of Stranger Things merchandise available, even the terrifying Demogorgon sprinkler—it sounds just ridiculous enough to buy right away. It's available at Target or Amazon for $100.

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Three Major Game of Thrones Stars Submitted Themselves for Emmys After HBO Chose Not To

Gwendoline Christie and Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones.
Gwendoline Christie and Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones.
Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

HBO dominated the 2019 Emmy nominations, which were announced earlier this week, with a record-breaking 32 nominations for Game of Thrones's highly contentious final season alone.

Ten of Game of Thrones's nominations came via the acting categories, several of which were hardly surprising: Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke landed nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series, respectively. Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams will compete against each other in the Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress categories. What did come as a surprise, however, were the first-time nominations for Alfie Allen, Gwendoline Christie, and Carice van Houten—not because they didn’t deserve them, but because HBO didn't submit them for consideration.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO confirmed that the network did not enter the three actors for consideration by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This means that the actors’ representatives shelled out the $225 entry fees themselves.

While this might seem unfair, self-submissions are a pretty common practice. As Game of Thrones has many, many characters, all of them played by great actors, it's simply not possible for the network to enter every one of them. As it stands now, four of the six nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress are Game of Thrones co-stars (van Houten was nominated in the Guest Actress category), while three of the Outstanding Supporting Actor nominees are from Westeros.

Whether they made it onto the official ballot because of HBO or not, Game of Thrones fans are ecstatic that Allen, Christie, and van Houten are finally getting the Emmy recognition they deserve. Can one of them triumph? We'll just have to wait until September 22 to find out.