6 Fun Subscription Boxes for Pop Culture Fans


If the unboxing-video trend has taught us anything, it’s that we really enjoy getting boxes in the mail full of cool things to inspect. Subscription box services scratch that itch nicely. Typically sent on a monthly or bimonthly basis, these services stuff their regularly scheduled care packages with items that fit a particular theme, whether it's pop culture franchises like Harry Potter or something broader, like vintage video games. If you want a box of something fun to land on your doorstep each month, check out these geek-friendly pop culture-themed subscription boxes that you can sign up for right now.

1. Funko Pop in a Box // $11 to $100 Monthly

Funko Pop! figurines have become the addictive vinyl drug of the 21st century. If you want a steady dose, their Pop in a Box service will deliver figurines to your doorstep. The price varies on the number of Pop! figures included in each monthly box. If you’re happy with one, it’s $11. For 12 Pops! per box, it's $100. You can choose Pops! you like and keep track of ones you already own to make sure you don’t get any duplicates. The company also offers custom Pop in a Box subscriptions for fans of Marvel, Disney, animation, television, movies, and more.

Buy it: Funko

2. Wizarding World // Starting at $38 Per Box Bimonthly

Harry Potter fans can get their fix with this bimonthly shipment of four to six officially-licensed goods that should appeal to wizards and fantastic beasts alike. Past packages have included bookends, apparel, and wands.

Buy it: Loot Crate

3. Nostalgia Crate // $20 Monthly

For the ultimate in unexpected gifts, check out the Nostalgia Crate, a monthly subscription that packages original games, toys, comics, and other ephemera produced between 1990 to 2009. The items are originals, not reproductions, so you can regress into childhood authentically. (Furby possibly included).

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4. Marvel Gear and Goods // Starting at $35 Per Box

Marvel fans can get their fill of goods in this bimonthly service that picks a theme or event from the comics universe and assembles four to six related items, ranging from Spider-Man throw pillows to Thor drinking glasses to Wolverine tote bags.

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5. Retro Game Treasure // $30 Monthly

Love retro gaming? Tell Retro Game Treasure which old consoles you have—Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and dozens of others—and they’ll ship you a steady supply of classic cartridges every month. Each box contains three to five games.

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6. Dreamers Disney Box // $40 Monthly

Fans of Disney’s various properties will find a lot to love in this box, which curates two to four collectibles centered on a theme every month. Previous boxes have included items from Lilo and Stitch, Beauty and the Beast, and Pixar films.

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Daniel Radcliffe’s Original Harry Potter Glasses Are Hitting the Auction Block

© 2001 - Warner Bros. - All Rights Reserved
© 2001 - Warner Bros. - All Rights Reserved

Having trouble reading your spell books and A History of Hogwarts? Maybe all you need is a pair of original Harry Potter glasses. If you’re a diehard Potterhead, you can now buy one of the first pairs that Daniel Radcliffe himself wore on the set of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001).

The glasses are on auction on EwbankAuctions.com, but you might want to check your vault in Gringotts before you decide to put a bid down, because the movie prop is going for about £3000 to £5000 (around $3800 to $6300).

The description for the glasses is as follows:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) - Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, a pair of silver metal wire frame glasses. Round clear lenses, bordered in black matte finish, silver metal earpieces tipped with transparent plastic. Left frame arm inscribed 'FRAME MADE IN ENGLAND' and right earpiece numbered '40 20 135'. These glasses are one of only a small number of pairs produced for the film. This is one of the first pairs of glasses Daniel Radcliffe wore as Harry Potter.

Judging by the photo provided, the glasses look to be in spectacular condition, and come in a black eyeglass case.

The auction site is also offering up other props from the Harry Potter films, such as Hagrid’s bird house from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), a song sheet used by the students in the Great Hall at Hogwarts from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and even one of the many sealed Hogwarts acceptance envelopes that were sent to Harry's home in the first film.

Whoever the lucky winners of these bidding wars are, they’ll get to have special pieces of the Harry Potter films that no one else has. So be careful of any envious friends who might perform a Confundus Charm on you.

Need a Robot Vacuum? Neato's Botvac D6 Is $330 Off This Week


We've previously recommended robot vacuums as an amazingly easy way to keep your home free of dust, pet hair, and other allergy-triggering nasties, but with higher-tech models going for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, it can be hard to convince yourself you need a vacuum that badly. Except when there's a great sale, like this week's Best Buy deal on Neato's Botvac D6 Connected vacuum.

The app-controlled automated vacuum normally retails for $729, but it's going for $400 right now—a $330 discount. That's 45 percent off.

The Botvac D6, which came out in 2018 and is one of the company's fanciest models, features a battery life of 120 minutes, LaserScan technology that allows it to memorize your home's floorplan (including multi-level homes), a high-performance filter to collect allergens, a turbo mode with increased suction, a pre-scheduling feature, and that signature D-shape that's made to capture debris in tight corners. Neato advertises the Botvac D6's combination of brushes as being 70 percent larger than most other robot vacuums' brushes, allowing it to pick up even more pet hair and dirt.

It also has a bunch of smart features that lower-tier robot vacuums don't offer, like the Quick Boost charging feature, which allows the vacuum to return to its base to quickly top off its charge—just enough to finish the job—if it's running low on juice, and the ability to set no-go lines around pet bowls, piles of cords, and other areas that you don't want your vacuum zooming through. You can control the vacuum via your phone, Amazon Home, Alexa, your Apple Watch, the Neato Chatbot on Facebook, and more.

This is only the latest Neato vacuum to go on super-sale. In March, the company's Botvac D4 was also featured in Best Buy's weekly deals, selling for $300. That model (which features 75 minutes of battery life to the D6's 120) is currently selling for $400 at Best Buy as well.

Here's a tip: We bet your dad would love getting one of these babies for Father's Day. It would also make an excellent gift for a new grad moving into their first grown-up apartment.

Buy it from Best Buy for $400. The deal lasts until 10 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, May 27.

If controlling your cleaning plan with your phone doesn't seem exciting enough to you, there are plenty of even fancier robot cleaning assistants out there. May we suggest one that will vacuum, mop, and clean itself?