The 6 Categories of Items That Sell Best Online, According to eBay

Anticipating what will make you money on eBay is a tricky art to perfect. A rare Funko Pop! can net $6000, while the Princess Diana Beanie Baby you've been holding onto since the 1990s might be worthless. One way to know what eBay buyers are after is to look at the site's best-selling categories. According to eBay sales data, these are the top six categories for making big bucks:

  1. Collectible cards: Worth up to $400,000
  1. Comic books: Worth up to $3.2 million
  1. Watches: Worth up to $535,500
  1. Designer handbags: Worth up to $88,000
  1. Luxury cars: Worth up to $500,000
  1. LEGOs: Worth up to $10,000

Collectible cards are some of the most valuable items on the site, with 500 cards earning sellers $10,000 or more since September 2018. In February 2019, a 1997 Michael Jordan basketball card sold for $350,100, and that same month, an autographed 2000 Tom Brady football card sold for $400,100.

When sifting through your old card collection, look out for other lost treasures from your childhood. There's a high demand for comic books on eBay: In 2014, Superman's inaugural comic Action Comics #1 sold for a record-breaking $3.2 million. And if you have rare LEGO sets around the house, they could be worth upwards of $10,000.

Second-hand luxury items are also worth a small fortune on eBay. A watch is purchased every 5 seconds on the website, and some are auctioned off for over half a million dollars. Handbags from designer brands are also sought after, with one Hermes Birkin bag selling for $88,000 in 2017. Of course limited-edition, luxury cars are valuable, but owners might not know they can find enthusiastic buyers on eBay. In 2018, a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce was purchased from there for $499,900.

The categories above represent eBay's top moneymakers, but these are just a few examples of old items that can earn you extra cash. If you have an old VHS collection at home, here are the most valuable tapes to look for.

This Inflatable Sloth Pool Float Is the Perfect Accessory for Lazy Summer Days


Summer is the perfect time to channel your inner sloth. Even if you don't plan on sleeping 15 to 20 hours a day, you can take inspiration from the animal's lifestyle and plan to move as little as possible. This supersized sloth pool float from SwimWays, spotted by Romper, will help you achieve that goal.

It's hard not to feel lazy when you're being hugged by a giant inflatable sloth. This floating pool chair is 50 inches long, 40 inches tall, and 36 inches wide, with two "arms" to support you as you lounge in the water.

One of the sloth's paws includes a built-in cup holder, so you don't have to expend any extra energy by getting up in order to stay hydrated. Unlike some pool floats, this accessory allows you to sit upright—which means you can drink, read, or talk to the people around you without straining your neck.

The sloth floatie is available for $35 on Amazon or Walmart. SwimWays also makes the same product in different animal designs, including a panda and a teddy bear. And if you're looking for a pool accessory that gives you even more room to spread out, this inflatable dachshund float may be just what you need.

People sitting in animal pool floats.

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