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15 Lovely Terrariums That Would Liven Up Any Room

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Terrariums are lot like aquariums, but without the fish ... and usually without the water. These little glass homes often house low-maintenance plants like moss and cacti. Here are 15 examples of unusual terrariums that will liven up any room. 

1.Recycled Meterbox Terrarium

Check out this up-cycled electric meter cabinet. After a good scrubbing and new paint job, it's ready to house a plant of your choice. It comes with pebbles, charcoal, dirt and moss to get you started.

2. Large Hanging Terrarium

This cool geometric terrarium can be hung up or placed on an end table.

3. Ecosphere Terrarium

Marimo balls are basically fuzzy little spheres of algae. These tiny glass orbs hold three of them, as well as shells, aquarium plants, and a single pearl. The whole product looks very zen.

4. Jumbo Multi-Level Dinosaur and Air Plant Moss Terrarium with Charm

Great for (inner) kids! Let your tiny dinosaur explore its own little glass ball.

5. Endor Forest Terrarium 

Capture some movie magic with this terrarium. It even comes with Ewoks! The plants are included—just not real.

6. Glass Terrarium House

Give your plant a lovely house of its own.

7. Under Lake View Aqua Terrarium

Technically, this is a vivarium because of the betta fish resident—but you don't have to add a fish if you don't want to. The glass enclosure comes with a marimo ball and "sea elements." 

8. Live Dino-terrarium 

This one is a little weird, but good weird, like a dinosaur with a plant growing in its belly. 

9. Moss ring

This ring is seriously cool. Moss is enclosed in glass and great to wear to any earthy occasion. 

10. Moss Ball Terrarium Necklace

Here's some more cool jewelry. A teeny-tiny marimo ball is trapped inside a glass sphere with sand and water. You have your own little ecosystem around your neck! 

11. Unicorn Moss Terrarium

For the lovers of all things kitsch, here is a unicorn in a glass heart. The bottle brings up nostalgic memories of sand art

12. Potion Bottle Marimo Terrarium

A perfect gift for any witches or wizards you may know.

13. Miniature Forest Plant Kit For Terrarium

This bonsai in a box looks just like you captured a piece of a tiny forest. 

14. Cube Terrarium

This slanted cube can sit nicely on your table. 

15. Hanging Terrarium 

These orbs come with their own stands to hang on and big openings for the plants to grow out of. 

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Live Smarter
5 Smart Gardening Devices to Turn Your Thumb Green
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Just because you are a little absentminded about your houseplants doesn’t mean you can’t be a gardener. In the 21st century, there are plenty of smart tech solutions to care for your plants. Here are five technological tools to keep your plants alive, no matter how terrible a plant parent you are:


A blue sensor is placed in a pot of purple flowers next to a phone with the HelloPlant app open.

Helloplant, a new Kickstarter project, is a sensor that you insert into the soil of your pot to keep tabs on your houseplant. The associated smartphone app will ping you if the Wi-Fi-connected sensor detects that your plant is drying out, and it can tell you where the plant is getting light. The recommendations are customized based on what kind of plant you label it as in the app. Best of all, it’s cheaper than other smart gardening solutions, coming in at just under $26 per sensor.

Find it: Kickstarter

2. PARROT POT; $90

Parrot’s smart pots use embedded sensors to monitor and tend to your plants whether you’re home or not. They are self-watering, preventing you from under-watering or over-watering your delicate houseplants. You can go on vacation for up to a month and the Parrot Pot will take care of your precious basil plant for you. The four sensors measure light, temperature, moisture, and fertilizer levels and send the information to your phone so that you can analyze how your plant is doing. It’s the perfect assistant for someone who wants to develop a green thumb but isn’t quite sure how to start.

Find it: Amazon


Three plants in white GROWTH planters are placed on the floor.
Studio Ayaskan

With GROWTH, you never have to worry about your plants outgrowing their pots. The origami-like containers can expand so your growing plant has more room as it gets bigger. Created by the London-based design shop Studio Ayaskan, the white pots will give your apartment a minimal, modern vibe. The pots are not widely available yet, sadly. The studio recommends you subscribe to its newsletter to get an alert when they go on sale.


A white sensor is hidden within the leaves of a potted plant.

PlantLink is another smart sensor that you can insert into your potting soil to detect the moisture level of your plant’s environment. Based on the type of plant, the device will text, email, or send a push alert to your smartphone to tell you when it needs to be watered. PlantLink also makes a smart valve that you hook up to your sprinklers to automatically water your plants. It has its own solar panel and can be programmed to water your plants based on changes in the weather.

Find it: Amazon


Three Nanofarm boxes filled with herbs sit next to each other on a wooden table.

If you’re serious about your indoor gardening operation, consider Replantable's Nanofarm, a Kickstarter-backed tabletop produce system that requires zero oversight. You set it up once and wait for your food to grow. It works using Replantable’s Plant Pads, all-in-one seed and nutrient sheets that come in a number of different herb and salad-green varieties. For the Nanofarm, you just fill the tray inside with water, put in a Plant Pad, and close the door until your basil or butter lettuce is ready to harvest.

Find it: Replantable

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This Artist Makes Portraits of Insects From the Plants They Eat
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The plant art of Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue goes way beyond flower arrangements. Inoue, who created the clothing brand Reikan Apparel, fashions intricate portraits of insects out of the plants that make up their habitats, as Laughing Squid spotted.

The series, "Natura Insects," includes butterflies made of flower petals, leaves intricately woven into moth wings, and black widows with rosemary legs. The results are delicate, innocent-looking bugs that no person could bear to squash. Inoue carefully arranges the pretty plant sculptures, then photographs them against a white background, resulting in an unexpected take on the traditional insect display cases seen in natural history museums.

If you like flower-based art, Inoue recently debuted a series in which his flower-petal figures blend into adorable illustrations of kids.

[h/t Laughing Squid]


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