The Missing Links: The Best Nintendo Games Ever

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Mario and More

Here are the 50 greatest Nintendo games of all time.


And One That Didn’t Make the List

This guy spent 13 years designing an 8-bit video game. The question is why.


If Your Head Wasn’t Screwed On…

Do people really stay conscious for a period of time after being decapitated?


Say Sorry With Cake

And use a very specific apology cake.


Be the Smarterest

You’re reading mental_floss because you want to feel smart again. Here are 17 other websites that will help you feel smart also.


Know What’s Better Than A Hamburger?

A liquid hamburger.


People Still Use Payphones

And some of them apparently still use 1-800-COLLECT.

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June 30, 2014 - 3:30pm
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