Weekend Links: Pigeon Mail

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Passenger pigeons: coming soon to the air near you, maybe. 


Right around World Cup season, Americans around the world start to get flack for calling the black-and-white ball sport "soccer," rather than "football" – but as with so many other confusing cultural quirks that Americans have, it's actually the British who are to blame.


On a cynical day, it's not unreasonable for a well-intentioned, would-be environmentalist to pause before walking an extra few steps to the recycling bin, wondering if that aluminum will actually be recycled anyway. The odds say it's worth the effort


It must have been hard to keep track of every death on the latest season of Game of Thrones, so here they are in one place: all 169 of them


Residents of a rural area outside Bangkok witnessed an impromptu parade of thousands of ducks in the street this past week, and no one is sure why. 


Viral music video champions OK Go are promoting their latest single with a series of optical illusions, all shot in one take, that you'll want to rewatch so many times that the song inevitably gets stuck in your head. Clever marketing, that.


The delivery person at the door may be hiding the soul of an artist – or at least the soul of someone who can draw a pretty good dinosaur on the inside of that greasy pizza box.

Are internet users ready to leave behind funny cat videos and move on to goats doing parkour

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June 21, 2014 - 9:00am
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