The Missing Links: Living In A Bubble

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Life In A Bubble

Hear Jane Poynter describe her life living inside Biosphere 2 for more than two years.


Drink These Up

If your morning coffee seems boring, maybe you need a more entertaining mug.


Where Art Thou, Wiki?

These pages seemed really interesting, but are now gone.


No Small Task

Next time you are moving something heavy (lift with the legs!) and feel the need to complain, give yourself some perspective by recalling the 10 heaviest objects ever moved by mankind.



Napoleon Dynamite is a decade old and has now been immortalized in statue form. It doesn’t move, so it doesn’t have any nunchuk or bow hunting skills, but it does have all of the quiet majestic beauty of a liger.


On that Subject…

Cracked presents the 14 most unintentionally terrifying statues in the world. Some NSFW content here.


Spotted In A Store

As a married man, I sympathize.


In Honor of Father’s Day

Check out the five worst fathers in the animal kingdom.

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June 10, 2014 - 3:30pm
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