The Missing Links: Bill Watterson's Comic Return

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Comic Comeback

Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson made a very secret return recently to the newspaper comics page.


In the Brain

It used to be a shockingly common practice. So how does a lobotomy actually work?


Joker + Jedi

Check out Mark Hamill doing his Luke Skywalker and Joker voices at the same time.


He’s A Music Man. He’s A What?

At the Tony Awards last night a song from The Music Man was turned into a rap song courtesy of Hugh Jackman, TI, LL Cool J and Questlove. This is awesome.


For Lunar Safekeeping

Humans are planning to send a bunch of important artifacts to the moon, just in case.


Mary Poppins!

The Bad British Commentary team is back with their take on hockey play-by-play.


Let It Go, Indeed

What an icy relationship. A woman has decided to divorce her husband over the movie Frozen.


The Timelessness of DuckTales

The show has everything. Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes. You might solve a mystery. Or rewrite history. Plus, kids don’t know it’s old.

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June 9, 2014 - 3:30pm
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