The Missing Links: Behind the Scenes at 'The Price is Right'

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Behind the Price

Watch this very long and extremely detailed video look at what things are like backstage at a taping of The Price is Right.


Check the Forecast

The new Sharknado movie has the best and most lazy subtitle in the history of media.


John Green’s Favorites

The author of the beloved The Fault in Our Stars (and host of mental_floss on YouTube) shares his favorite bildungsromans. Sorry for the word gluttony there but that is literally the first time I’ve ever gotten to use the word "bildungsroman" since I learned it in college.


Comics Without Context

If you just look at these isolated comic book panels they appear really odd and often completely inappropriate. Some of these are NSFW.


Catchphrase Compendium

All of the best TV catchphrases collected together in one video.


Walking Off

Here’s the story of the last U.S. soldier executed for desertion.


Well, There’s Something You Don't See Every Day

I know one rickshaw driver that isn’t getting a tip.


Happy 30th, Ghostbusters!

The movie has a landmark birthday this Sunday. Check out these facts you might not have known about the film, and get the inside story on the music video for Ray Parker, Jr.'s memorable theme song.

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June 6, 2014 - 3:30pm
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