The Missing Links: Don’t Wear A Gorilla Suit to the Zoo

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Mist-ape-n Identity

A vet at a zoo in Spain shot an employee in a gorilla costume with a tranquilizer dart. Whoops.


Truly Untrue

Check out these 10 false history “facts”. How many did you believe?


Sad Silence

The last of the Navajo code talkers has passed away.


Worst Wheel of Fortune Moment Ever?

This puzzle solving attempt is staggeringly ridiculous.


Orange Is the New Fiction

Learn the major differences between Orange Is the New Black and the actual life it is based on.


Fly Oceanic

Smoke Red Apple. Eat at Mooby’s. Here are 10 fake brands used by Hollywood.

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June 5, 2014 - 4:08pm
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