David Bowie Box Set of Unreleased Songs Is Coming This Spring

Scott Gries, Getty Images
Scott Gries, Getty Images

Good news, "Starman" fans: A vinyl box set of never-before-released David Bowie songs, including two of the earliest known recordings of "Space Oddity," will be arriving this spring. According to the NME, the Spying Through A Keyhole box set from Parlophone Records will include nine rare tracks on 7-inch records. The exact release date is yet to be determined.

The title of the box set references a lyric from "Love All Around," one of the songs included. Parlophone’s announcement comes on what would have been Bowie’s 72nd birthday. The "Heroes" and "Life on Mars" singer died on January 10, 2016 after a short battle with cancer. He learned his cancer was terminal just three months before his death, while filming the "Lazarus" music video for what would ultimately become his final album, Blackstar.

According to Parlophone, 2019 is especially timely because it marks 50 years since Bowie released his first hit, "Space Oddity." The box set will include two demo versions of "Space Oddity," one of which is believed to be the first-ever recording of the song. Check out the full track list and song descriptions from Parlophone below.

"Mother Grey" (demo)
This mid-tempo tale of a fledgling son fleeing the nest features multi-tracked vocals, guitars and harmonica from David.

"In The Heat Of The Morning" (demo)
A well-known early Bowie song but presented here in demo form with final lyrics.

"Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe" (demo)
A charming demo from 1968.

"Love All Around" (demo)
A delightful love song from whence the title of this collection came: “I see a pop tune spying through a keyhole from the other room."

"London Bye, Ta-Ta" (demo)
An early demo version of the song with completely different lyrics in a couple of the verses compared to those of the later full band versions.

"Angel, Angel, Grubby Face" (demo version 1)
The first and only previously known demo of this song.

"Angel, Angel, Grubby Face" (demo version 2)
A later version of the same song with alternative lyrics.

"Space Oddity" (demo excerpt)
The lyric and arrangement variations lend weight to the theory that this is possibly the first ever recorded demo of one of Bowie’s most famous songs.

"Space Oddity (demo—alternative lyrics) (with Hutch)
Originally conceived as a song for a duo to perform, this is the first known version to feature John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson again with lyric and arrangement variations.

Because many of the songs are home demos, customers shouldn’t expect studio quality audio. “This is partly due to David’s enthusiastic strumming hitting the red on a couple of the tracks, along with the limitations of the original recording equipment and tape degradation,” Parlophone writes on its site. “However, the historical importance of these songs and the fact that the selections are from an archive of tracks cleared for release by Bowie overrides this shortcoming.”

Although the tracks will only be sold on vinyl, Parlophone says they may eventually become available in other formats.

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The Bus From Spice World is Now an Airbnb Rental

Razzladazzla, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

This summer, Airbnb is giving 1990s kids the chance to fulfill their dream of living like a Spice Girl. As People reports, the Spice Bus, made famous by the 1997 movie Spice World, has been converted into an Airbnb rental—and it's open to guests for only a few nights in June.

After shuttling Baby, Sporty, Scary, Posh, and Ginger Spice around London in Spice World, the Spice Bus fell into disrepair. The movie prop was neglected for years until the Island Harbour Marina on the Isle of Wight purchased it and renovated it to its former glory. It went on display on the island in July 2014.

Now, the bus is moving back to London as a quirky vacation rental. On June 14 and June 15, up to three guests per night will sleep over in the bus at its temporary location at Market Square in Wembley Park. There they'll be made to feel like pop princesses (or princes). The interior has been decked out with Union Jack upholstery to match the outside paint job and zebra-print carpeting that would make Mel B proud. There are also disco balls, a neon sign that says "Girl Power," and nostalgic goodies like scrunchies and CDs.

Rates start at $129 per night, but the two announced dates have already been filled. Spice Girls fans looking to relive their childhood shouldn't give up hope: More rental dates may open starting May 22. After the bus's stint in London, it will return to its home on the Isle of Wight at the end of June.

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10 Amazing Variations on the Game of Thrones Theme Song

Jerome Flynn and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Game of Thrones
Jerome Flynn and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan, HBO

Game of Thrones has an iconic credits sequence, featuring a memorable theme song composed by Emmy Award-winning artist Ramin Djawadi. It's weirdly catchy—so much so that other artists have found increasingly unique ways to cover it over the years.

1. NESKeytar

Greig Stewart combined a Guitar Hero controller with an old school Nintendo to create the NESKeytar he used in this cover. Bonus: The NES still works as a separate gaming system!

2. Floppy Drives

Eight floppy drives playing in sync. The geekery is extreme.

3. Violin

A beautiful electric/acoustic violin version by Jason Yang.

4. Hard Rock

Roger Lima overdubs some metal riffage, drums, electric bass, and several layers of electric guitar.

5. Metal

Charlie Parra del Riego shreds.

6. Classical Guitar

Five guitar tracks!

7. Solo Piano

Bonus geek cred if you know the answer to his opening question.

8. 8-bit

YouTube commenter skinke says it best: "No? 'Game of Tones'? That's a missed opportunity if I've ever seen one."

9. Piano and Violin

Lara, coverer of video game music, takes a shot at this one, purely by ear. Wow.

10. Guitar, Cello, Drums, Shaker, and Flute

Talent show players for the win!

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