10 Special Edition Mr. Potato Heads With Fantastic Names

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In recent years, Hasbro has been coming up with funny nicknames for some of the special edition Potato Heads. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Tony Starch is Iron Man’s veggie alter ego, of course.


2. Optimash Prime. There’s also Bumble Spud, but that’s not nearly as fun.


3. Taters of the Lost Ark. Also known in some sets as Idaho Jones, this one is the Indiana Jones Potato Head that comes complete with Potato Golden Idol, whip, and Indy’s (Ida’s?) ever-present fedora, which plays his theme music.

4. Spud Lightyear. To the Fryolater… and beyond!


5. Darth Tater. He would be even cooler if he was super pale under the helmet.

6. Mashter Yoda.


7. Yam Solo.

8. Luke Frywalker.


9 and 10. C-3PotatO and Artoo-Potatoo. Artoo even comes with a holographic Princess Leia (AKA Princess Tater).

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May 15, 2010 - 10:23am
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