The Missing Links: 'Frozen' as a Horror Movie

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Cold Blooded

Well, it’s about time. Frozen has been re-edited into a horror film trailer.


Rock On

Will Ferrell is bringing back everyone’s favorite modern stone-age family.



Chuck Lamb is trying to carve out a second career for himself playing a corpse.


The Feud Is Just Beginning In This Family

This final round debacle on Family Feud is perhaps the most painful thing to ever happen on a game show. And here are a bunch of other entertaining answer fails from the show’s history.


Yes You Can!

These books really believe in you.


The Timeless Principles of Animation

When you see them depicted in this video, you will instantly recognize them.


Beyond Fries

Here are the most ridiculous fried foods there are to be found at America’s state fairs.

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May 8, 2014 - 3:30pm
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