10 Pieces of Gear for a Smarter Campsite

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Getting out into the great outdoors doesn't necessarily mean roughing it.

1. Once you’re done roasting marshmallows on the Biolite Camp Stove, use it to charge your phone so you can navigate tomorrow! $130, biolitestove.com

2. Meet the Transformer of sleeping bags: Simply unzip the S. H. Sleeping Bag's middle zipper to create a onesie—so handy for middle of the night outhouse trips! $169, shop.alitedesigns.com

3. Don’t pack a bunch of clothes. Instead, use the Scrubba, a flexible pouch full of nubs that act like a washboard, to clean your clothes on the go. $65, thescrubba.com

4. Just because you’re getting in touch with nature doesn’t mean you need to lose contact with decent espresso. The Handspresso Wild Hybrid Machine lets you pull shots by hand. $129, amazon.com

5. The spork of yore is history—the Eat n' Tool is an all-purpose eating utensil, bottle opener, screwdriver, and wrench. $8, crkt.com

6. Everything is illuminated with the durable, waterproof Zippo Rugged Lantern. $90, zippo.com

7. Packaged in BPA-free plastic, Outdoor Vino is an unbreakable picnic essential to add to your pack. $18, nakedwinery.com

8. The Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 Tent has doors on opposite sides, which means never having to be climbed over. mountainhardwear.com, $240

9. Show off at your book club’s camping weekend with Field Candy Fully Booked Tent's literary twist on the classic A-frame. fieldcandy.com, $661

10. The Tentsile Stingray is perfect for those who love the outdoors but fear the unknowns of the forest floor, this tent sleeps three —in the trees. tentsile.com, $749

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May 9, 2014 - 9:00pm
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