Vimeo / The Final Image Films
Vimeo / The Final Image Films

The "Best Picture" Losers

Vimeo / The Final Image Films
Vimeo / The Final Image Films

Last month we looked at The Closing Moment of Every Best Picture Winner, a montage of 86 closing scenes from Best Picture Academy Award winners. Now, editor Monté Patterson is back with 86 scenes from notable losing films that arguably should have won—at least based on what people think on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

Here's how this works. You watch the brief clips and try to sort out which movie is which. This time, there's a year on each clip—this can be a help, though there is a version without the years if you prefer. So identifying the films themselves (there's a list below the video) is the first step. Arguing about whether each would be a worthy Best Picture in the comments is your second mission. "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

The "Best Picture" Losers: A Final Image Montage (with Years) from The Final Image Films on Vimeo.

From the video's description:

2014 The Wolf of Wall Street
2013 Django Unchained
2012 The Help
2011 Toy Story 3
2010 Up
2009 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
2008 There Will Be Blood
2007 Letters From Iwo Jima
2006 Brokeback Mountain
2005 Ray
2004 Mystic River
2003 The Pianist
2002 Moulin Rouge
2001 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
2000 The Green Mile
1999 Saving Private Ryan
1998 L.A. Confidential
1997 Fargo
1996 Sense and Sensibility
1995 The Shawshank Redemption
1994 In the Name of the Father
1993 Scent of a Woman
1992 Beauty and the Beast
1991 Goodfellas
1990 Dead Poets Society
1989 Dangerous Liaisons
1988 Hope and Glory
1987 Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 The Color Purple
1985 The Killing Fields
1984 The Right Stuff
1983 E.T.
1982 Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Raging Bull
1980 Apocalypse Now
1979 Midnight Express
1978 Star Wars
1977 Taxi Driver
1976 Jaws
1975 Chinatown
1974 Cries and Whispers
1973 The Emigrants
1972 A Clockwork Orange
1971 MASH The Movie
1970 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1969 The Lion in the Winter
1968 The Graduate
1967 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
1966 Doctor Zhivago
1965 "Dr. Strangelove"
1964 America, America
1963 To Kill a Mockingbird
1962 Judgment at Nuremberg
1961 Elmer Gantry
1960 Anatomy of a Murder
1959 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
1958 12 Angry Men
1957 The Ten Commandments
1956 Mister Roberts
1955 The Caine Mutiny
1954 Roman Holiday
1953 The Quiet Man
1952 A Streetcar Named Desire
1951 Sunset Blvd
1950 The Heiress
1949 The Treasure of Sierra Madre
1948 Great Expectations
1947 It's a Wonderful Life
1946 Mildred Pierce
1945 Double Indemnity
1944 The Ox-Bow Incident
1943 The Magnificent Ambersons
1942 Citizen Kane
1941 The Great Dictator
1940 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
1939 La Grande Illusion
1938 Captains Courageous
1937 Dodsworth
1936 Top Hat
1935 The Thin Man
1934 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
1932 The Champ
1931 Skippy
1930 The Love Parade
1930 In Old Arizona
1929 Seventh Heaven

*TRIV: The April 1930 ceremony was for movies released between 2 August 1928 and 31 July 1929. The November 1930 ceremony was for movies made between 1 August 1929 and 31 July 1930.

**TRIV: Data crowdsourced from the IMDb rating and Rotten Tomatoes show that the losers' scores were often higher than that year's winner.

Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images
David Lynch's Amazon T-Shirt Shop is as Surreal as His Movies
Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images
Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images

David Lynch, the celebrated director behind baffling-but-brilliant films like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and Twin Peaks, is now selling his equally surreal T-shirts on Amazon.

As IndieWire reports, each shirt bears an image of one of Lynch’s paintings or photographs with an accompanying title. Some of his designs are more straightforward (the shirts labeled “House” and “Whale” feature, respectively, drawings of a house and a whale), while others are obscure (the shirt called “Chicken Head Tears” features a disturbing sculpture of a semi-human face).

This isn’t the first time Lynch has ventured into pursuits outside of filmmaking. Previously, he has sold coffee, designed furniture, produced music, hosted daily weather reports, and published a book about his experience with transcendental meditation. Art, in fact, falls a little closer to Lynch’s roots; the filmmaker trained for years at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts before making his mark in Hollywood.

Lynch’s Amazon store currently sells 57 T-shirts, ranging in size from small to triple XL, all for $26 each. As for our own feelings on the collection, we think they’re best reflected by this T-shirt named “Honestly, I’m Sort of Confused.”

Check out some of our favorites below:

T-shirt that says "Honestly, I'm Sort of Confused"
"Honestly, I'm Sort of Confused"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with a drawing of a sleeping bird on it
"Sleeping Bird"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt that says Peace on Earth over and over again. The caption is pretty on the nose.
"Peace on Earth"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an image of a screaming face made out of turkey with ants in its mouth
"Turkey Cheese Head"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an odd sculpted clay face asking if you know who it is. You get the idea.
"I Was Wondering If You Know Who I Am?"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an image of a sculpted head that is not a chicken. It is blue, though.
"Chicken Head Blue"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with a drawing of a lobster on it. Below the drawing, the lobster is labeled with the word lobster. Shocking, I know.

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an abstract drawing of what is by David Lynch's account, at least, a cowboy

Buy it on Amazon

[h/t IndieWire]

S-Town Podcast Is Being Turned Into a Movie

S-Town, a seven-part podcast from Serial and This American Life, has all the trappings of a binge-worthy story. It all started when a man from the tiny town of Woodstock, Alabama asked a reporter to investigate a local man from a wealthy family who allegedly boasted he had gotten away with murder.

As for what happens next, “someone else ends up dead, sparking a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man's life,” reads the 2017 podcast’s synopsis, without giving too much away.

Now, that riveting story is being turned into a movie with This American Life’s participation, IndieWire reports. Participant Media acquired the rights to the S-Town podcast, and negotiations are underway to get playwright Samuel Hunter and director Tom McCarthy on board. McCarthy is perhaps best known for directing and co-writing 2015's Oscar-winning Spotlight; he also co-wrote Up and was an executive producer and director for the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

S-Town was downloaded over 10 million times over a period of four days after its release, and it received a Peabody Award for the radio/podcast category, according to IndieWire. Just last month, HBO and Sky announced they would be releasing a documentary series about Adnan Syed, the focus of the first season of the Serial podcast, which is developed by This American Life.

In case you missed S-Town when it premiered, you can go back and listen to it here.

[h/t IndieWire]


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