Vans Is Making NASA-Themed Sneakers and They're Out of This World

You’ll soon be able to show your love for NASA on your feet. Sneaker News reports that Vans is releasing new designs based on the U.S. space agency just in time for its 60th birthday.

The Space Voyager collection includes shoes, apparel, and a duffel bag, all of which will allow you to rep your favorite government agency from head to toe. There are space suit-inspired Old Skools, high tops, a NASA sweatshirt, a NASA jacket, a backpack, and an astronaut orange duffel bag. The high-top shoes come in white or black and feature removable mission patches and other NASA insignia, while the Old Skools come in white or orange and feature the retro NASA “worm” logo, a John F. Kennedy Space Center stamp, and a removable American flag where the usual Vans logo would go.

While some sneaker blogs are calling this a collaboration, NASA likely wasn’t very involved in the design beyond approving the use of its imagery, as it does with any NASA-related merchandise. Because it’s a government agency, all of NASA’s logos and designs are considered public domain, meaning that anyone—companies included—can use them for free. NASA doesn’t participate in any kind of co-branding, according to its guidelines. (It would be pretty weird if the government was trying to sell you Vans, actually.) So when you buy a cool NASA-branded shoe, the space agency doesn’t actually get any of the profit. On the bright side, NASA’s budget got a big boost in 2018, so it’s not as cash-strapped as it has been in the past.

Regardless of whether any astronauts were involved, we’re still pretty excited to try these guys on. The NASA x Vans Old Skool collection will be available on November 2.

And if you're looking for other ways to upgrade your shoe closet, look out for Van Gogh Vans, these Toy Story Vans, and taco Vans.

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Game of Thrones Counseling Available for Upset Fans Following Series Finale

Iain Glen and Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones
Iain Glen and Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan, HBO

It’s no surprise that some fans are having a hard time dealing with the fact that Game of Thrones is over. The show ran for eight seasons, and became a huge part of fans's lives and Sunday night routines. Moreover, since the season 8 premiere first aired, fans haven’t been too thrilled with the trajectory of the show, and it has only gotten worse. (The final episode in the series scored the lowest rating in the show’s history on IMDb).

But if you’re having a hard time wrapping your mind around the end of Game of Thrones, or just want to vent, there's a counseling service here just for you. CNN reports that if you go to, a UK-based online marketplace, you can find a Game of Thrones counselor who will listen to your every qualm about the show. "The professionals will help them digest their feelings and interpretation of the show, which could range from anger and confusion to sadness and grief," the service description reads.

"We watch them to escape our daily lives and immerse ourselves into the 'unknown,'" Lynette, a counselor from, said in a statement regarding people's TV show obsessions. "This is the very reason why we sometimes become addicted to watching them, the stories they tell become part of our identity."

There’s options of booking a 30-minute or 60-minute session, which range from $25 to $51. Fans can choose from a face-to-face session, group session, or online, and can specify which specific problems they’re having regarding the show. 

What do we say to Game of Thrones-related anxiety? Not today!

New Coke is Making a Comeback Thanks to Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, and Sadie Sink in Stranger Things.
Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, and Sadie Sink in Stranger Things.

In what was considered one of the biggest consumer product marketing blunders of all time, the Coca-Cola Company upset devotees of their signature beverage by introducing New Coke in 1985. Sweeter and smoother than the original, people practically revolted over the change, and the drink eventually disappeared from shelves.

In 2019, New Coke is not only resurfacing—it might turn out to be one of the company's savviest marketing moves to date.

CNN reports that Coca-Cola will be producing 500,000 cans of New Coke in collaboration with Netflix to promote season 3 of Stranger Things, the 1980s-set paranormal drama. Cans will be featured on the show in a kind of retro product placement.

Fans can look for the cans online, which will be offered as a free gift with the purchase of two special Coca-Cola Classic or Coke Zero Sugar glass bottles with Stranger Things artwork beginning Thursday. Special vending machines will also be set up in major cities, and visitors to Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola can purchase the product there, too.

The company is using the exact same recipe for New Coke that got them in hot water back in 1985. For many, it will be their first chance to sample the drink that anti-New Coke activist and retiree Gay Mullins described as being "unbelievably wimpy" and tasting like Pepsi (a comment meant to be derogatory). Originally intended to replace Coca-Cola Classic, the drink was eventually rebranded Coke II and sold through 2002.

Coca-Cola anticipates demand will exceed their 500,000 can allotment, which means you're likely to see them pop up on eBay before long.

The new season of Stranger Things premieres July 4.

[h/t CNN]