The Missing Links: Choose Your Own Doomed Adventure

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CV Cook

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The Doomed Journey

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books you loved as a child? Well, there was one adventure that was destined to fail.


Leather Bound Books Are One Thing…

But these are another. Harvard has discovered a few books in their possession that are covered in a decidedly different type of skin.


Louis C.K.’s TV Funhouse

In honor of him hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, here are the eight best cartoon segments he ever wrote for the show.


The Death of Einstein

Check out this LIFE photo gallery capturing the death of one of history’s greatest minds.


Beyond Scratching Posts

If you have a cat here are 30 absurd products you must own.


The Weirdo in the White Socks

Take the music away from his videos and Michael Jackson turns into a creepy stalker.


Tenuis Andronicus

A parasite and moose tragedy, in six acts.


Every Day of My Life

Every. Single. Day.

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March 27, 2014 - 3:30pm
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