YouTube / Carnegie Hall
YouTube / Carnegie Hall

Guess 43 Cartoon Theme Songs in 5 Minutes

YouTube / Carnegie Hall
YouTube / Carnegie Hall

Here's a fun challenge. Listen to Carnegie Hall's Ensemble ACJW perform the theme songs from 43 cartoons. See if you can guess what you're hearing! (The list is below the video, and there are plenty of animated hints in the video.)

And here are the answers:

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender 00:00
2. Transformers 00:14
3. Pokemon 00:17
4. Captain Planet 00:23
5. X-Men 00:27
6. Sailor Moon 00:35
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion 00:39
8. Powerpuff Girls 00:43
9. South Park 00:52
10. CatDog 00:56
11. G.I. Joe 01:03
12. Family Guy 01:08
13. Pinky and the Brain 01:15
14. Pink Panther 01:19
15. Dexter's Laboratory 01:24
16. Rescue Rangers 01:31
17. Spiderman 01:37
18. Inspector Gadget 01:44
19. Adventure Time 01:54
20. Babar & Gummi Bears 02:03
21. Madeline 02:07
22. Smurfs 02:13
23. Doug & Rugrats 02:18
24. Care Bears 02:30
25. Dora the Explorer 02:34
26. Rocko's Modern Life 03:39
27. Spongebob Squarepants 02:42
28. Futurama & Magic School Bus 02:47
29. Muppet Babies 02:53
30. The Simpsons 02:57
31. Hey Arnold! & Peanuts 03:02
32. He-Man (Masters of the Universe) 03:10
33. Dragon Ball Z 03:12
34. Thundercats 03:18
35. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 03:23
36. Johnny Bravo 03:32
37. Anamaniacs 03:39
38. Tiny Toon Adventures 03:51
39. Duck Tales 04:01
40. Bobby's World 04:07
41. The Jetsons 04:12
42. The Flintstones 04:17
43. Looney Tunes 04:24

MGM Home Entertainment
The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine Is Returning to Theaters for Its 50th Anniversary
MGM Home Entertainment
MGM Home Entertainment

The Beatles are coming! The Beatles are coming!

In early 1968, at the height of Beatlemania, The Fab Four lent their voices—and visages—to Yellow Submarine, a somewhat strange and slightly surreal animated film, purportedly for children, which saw the band travel to Pepperland aboard the titular watercraft in order to save the land from the music-hating Blue Meanies. (Hey, we said it was strange.)

Though it would be another year before the film’s iconic soundtrack was released, 2018 marks the film’s 50th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Pitchfork reports that the psychedelic cartoon will be making its way back into theaters in July with a brand-new 4K digital restoration and a surround sound remix, to have it looking—and sounding—pristine.

To find out where it will be screening near you, visit the film’s website, where you can sign up for updates.

[h/t: Pitchfork]

Stephen Hawking's Big Ideas, Made Simple

On March 14, 2018, visionary physicist Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76. You know his name, and may have even watched a biopic or two about him. But if you've ever wondered what specifically Hawking's big contributions to science were, and you have two and a half minutes to spare, the animation below is for you. It's brief, easy to understand, and gets to the point with nice narration by Alok Jha. So here, in a very brief and simple way, are some of Stephen Hawking's big ideas:

If you have more than a few minutes, we heartily recommend Hawking's classic book A Brief History of Time. It's easy to read, and it's truly brief.

[h/t: Open Culture]


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