How It's Made & Unmade: Oreos

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YouTube / Jerk Circle
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I'm a big fan of How It's Made, a show that explains in simple terms how manufacturing works. (See past coverage of the show here, here, here, or perhaps here.) But today I've got a treat -- a parody video which runs the How It's Made video in reverse, with jokey narration explaining how surplus Oreos are secretly the engine of the American economy.

Note: there is some brief salty language around two minutes in. Having said that, it's followed by this amazing bit: "After being power-slammed, the cookies slither into position. ... Wizards collect the cookie extract and shovel [it] into a large tank, which is brought to centrifuge." This makes me very happy:

And here's the actual How It's Made segment featuring "sandwich cookies":

(Via Devour.)

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March 16, 2014 - 9:00am
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