The Missing Links: Movie Technology We Need

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Where Are All the _________?

Here are 12 movie technologies that someone needs to hurry up and invent. What is missing from this list?


Going Up

One thing we don’t have yet that was not mentioned in that list are commercially available jetpacks. We did have a personal human helicopter prototype way back in the '50s. Check out the rare footage.


Can You Ever Really Own Anything?

What if four great thinkers played Monopoly together? This comic answers that question.


Game On and On and On

Here are the most addictive video games around.


Don’t Get Started Today

There are plenty of guides that tell you how to write your novel. Here now is a guide on how not to write your novel.


He’s Dis-Respective

Here is a sampling of the complaints filed with the FCC about the Super Bowl. And, yes, one of them refers to someone as “dis-respective”.


As Seen on TV

And in a helluva lot of homes. These are the 10 best selling infomercial products ever.


In A World...

Hal Douglas is one of the reasons you love movie trailers so much. He passed away recently. Check out his great work.

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March 14, 2014 - 3:30pm
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