The Missing Links: 30 Essential Cult Films

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Classic Screams

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Join the Cult

Here are the 30 cult classic films you must see.


Into Thin Air

Here are 10 notable and baffling human disappearances.


Zach and Barack

The Commander-in-Chief has officially gone Between Two Ferns.


The Simpsons Already Did It

Homer, Bart, Krusty, Moe and the rest of the yellow, four-fingered crew in Springfield really have a knack for predicting the future of technology.


Stubborn Dogs

These dogs all have their minds made up. I really need the dog in picture #7 so much.


Upon Launch

Web design has come a long way. Here are the websites of 10 famous brands on the first day they launched, back in the '90s.


A Link to Links

These seem like a couple of pretty cool websites to check out.


Goodbye Sbarro

The pizza place has declared bankruptcy. I know one person who will be crushed.

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March 11, 2014 - 3:11pm
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