Turn Your Phone Into a Reusable Notepad With This Silicone Case

Kenma Inc.
Kenma Inc.

Using your phone's notes app to write yourself reminders is convenient, especially if you're someone who stays glued to their phone at all times. But some people still prefer the feeling of jotting down notes by hand. Wemo, a new type of phone case from Kenma spotted by Design Milk, combines both methods: Just scribble your thoughts directly onto the case, then clean off the ink with an eraser or a finger when you're ready to write something new.

Wemo (short for "wearable memo") started as a line of notepad-slap bracelet hybrids. This new product takes the reusable sticky note concept to a new level. Thanks to the silicone case's special coating, anything written on it with an oil-based ballpoint pen will be visible. Using your phone or even getting it wet won't erase the message: You need to intentionally wipe it away to clear the slate.

In addition to the phone and tablet cases, the Wemo concept comes in writeable pad form. It's the perfect size for sticking to a desk, laptop, or any place else you might apply a paper sticky note. The major difference is that these pads won't fall off, and you can reuse the same one every time you want to write a new note.

Kenma's silicone notepads are perfect for people who like to write down ideas as soon as they come to them, or for people who forget things unless they're written right in front of their faces. The second generation of Wemo products, which includes the phone case and pads, isn't available to purchase just yet, but the company has plans to release it in Japan this fall and in the U.S. in April 2019. In the meantime, you can shop for existing reusable notepad products on their website.

Hand holding phone with text written on it.
Kenma Inc.

Hand writing and erasing ink from pad on laptop.
Kenma Inc.

Notepads on computer monitor.
Kenma Inc.

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These Modern, Minimalist Cremation Urns Double as Planters

C.C. Boyce
C.C. Boyce

Cremation is becoming an increasingly common end-of-life plan, but many have lamented the lack of options when selecting an urn to store their loved one's ashes. Many of these vessels take the form of drab-looking vases that, for some people, serve as reminders of a painful event.

That’s why C.C. Boyce stepped in. The Los Angeles-based designer and woodworker created a collection of “planturns”—urns that double as planters—to fill a gap in the market.

“A while back a friend’s father passed away and they couldn’t find a cremation urn that they liked, so they asked me to make something, and I did, thinking this would just be a one-off custom job,” Boyce said in a video uploaded to Kickstarter. “But when I posted the final product to Instagram, I was flooded with messages from people all across the death care industry—people who took care of pets as well as people.”

Plant urns
C.C. Boyce

Some wanted an urn with a more modern aesthetic, while others wanted a subtler piece that would effortlessly blend with their household decor. The symbolism of death fusing with new life has not gone unnoticed, either.

Boyce spent a year experimenting with different designs and settled on two styles: one that comes in speckled maple, and another that comes in a two-toned walnut and sycamore. All of the vessels have two parts that attach via magnetic pull, so even if the planturn gets knocked over, the ashes will still be safe and sound.

The bottom part contains a hand-waxed muslin bag to store your loved one’s cremated remains, and the top part features a glass or ceramic holder for your plant of choice, whether it’s a succulent or air plant.

They come in three sizes, which will vary in accordance with the amount of ashes you want to store. A small planturn is suitable for small pets, while a large can hold the ashes of a person. Get it on Kickstarter for $225 to $500, depending on the size.

Attention Aspiring Astronauts: Arlo Skye Now Has Space-Themed Luggage

Arlo Skye
Arlo Skye

While some travelers are preoccupied with getting their luggage through airport security, the designers at Arlo Skye are thinking bigger. As Condé Nast Traveler reports, the brand's new line of suitcases is inspired by space travel, with high tech features and a sleek, futuristic look.

Arlo Skye was founded in 2016 by alumni from Louis Vuitton and Tumi Inc. They set out to create luggage that emphasized design, with luxury polycarbonate suitcases available in trendy colors like rose gold and custom monogramming.

The company's Space Collection may be its most stylized line yet. It comes with a removable, 10,050-milliamp-hour charger with USB C and A ports for charging phones and other devices. The chrome-colored case is 22 inches tall, 9 inches deep, and 14 inches wide and weighs 8.5 pounds empty.

Space Collection suitcase from Arlo Skye
Arlo Skye

Depending on what type of space traveler you are, you can get one of three designs laser-etched on the bottom of your luggage. There's Moon Shot, Team Human, and Occupy Mars; each engraving comes with a short ode to space and a small picture of its respective celestial body. Like other suitcases made by Arlo Skye, these bags are zipper-free and made from polycarbonate with an aluminum frame.

Whether you're a globetrotter or an aspiring astronaut, the Space Collection from Arlo Skye makes a great travel companion.

Buy it from Arlo Skye for $450.

[h/t Condé Nast Traveler]

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