Weekend Links: Love Around the World

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Everyone’s Valentine’s Day experiences may have differed, but according to a 136-country Gallup poll, the United States is leading in nations whose occupants feel the most loved.


The biker gangs on the streets of Marrakech have a decided sense of style, and it’s not all black leather and chains: for a photo shoot, Morroco’s female motorbike enthusiasts, as seen in the artist's vision, lean more towards bright colors and polka dots.


Facebook’s “Look Back” videos, individually-created time capsules of each user’s online history created in celebration of the social media site’s 10-year anniversary, could give a more honest impression of what the average user’s experience has been like.


Not even Olympic athletes are safe from body critiques, but these determined Olympians chose to ignore the odds against their less-than-ideal bodies (too tall for figure skating, too small for ski jumping) and excel.


Celebrate the life of Shirley Temple Black with a photo slideshow marking her years from America’s sweetheart to international ambassador.


“Interesting” is also a word that could be used to describe this man’s creative experiments with his own beard, in a series called “Will It Beard?” (The answer is often yes.)

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February 15, 2014 - 12:00pm
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