Morning Cup of Links: Early Ice Hockey Rulebooks

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Check out a selection of early U.S. ice hockey guide and rule books from 1898 to 1921, available through the Library of Congress Internet Archives.
Famous writers may be romantic in their work, but that doesn't mean they made for great real life partners. Read about the checkered love lives of some of history's favorite authors.
You've seen it on a menu. Now find out how to pronounce "quinoa."
You don't have to choose between just "male" and "female" on Facebook anymore. A third custom gender is now available that allows users to identify as one of 50 additional options.
Watch a truncated version of a cheesy workout video once made by comedian Sid Caesar.
See the dizzying video of Russian roof-climbing photographers scaling the 2073-foot-high, still-under-construction Shanghai Tower in China.
While we stay bundled up inside, artist Shelley Jackson is using the snow to spell out a beautiful story on her Instagram.

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February 14, 2014 - 5:00am
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