7 Pinterest Boards Dedicated to Your Childhood Toys

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So many of our childhood toys have been rebooted into sleek, seductive new gadgets. My Little Ponies have become sexier than any horse has a right to be. Transformers have morphed into jagged, indecipherable harbingers of terror. The kids love ‘em, but we fondly remember the days when plastic was bulky, toys were not marketed to 25 year olds, and Strawberry Shortcake wore pantaloons. Pinterest, home of every collection you can think of, has many boards kept in honor of these memories. Don’t forget to check out Mental Floss’s own Pinterest while you’re at it!

1. He-man and The Masters of the Universe


I swear by The Power of Greyskull, there are more Pinterest boards dedicated to He-Man and The Masters of the Universe than there are dedicated to wedding photography. And that’s saying something. This board, curated by Matt Butcher, has 350 pins dedicated mostly to classic He-Man, with, thankfully, much less erotic fan art than most of the other He-Man boards.

2. Poochie


Long before Poochie was a hated Simpson’s dog character, she was a loved Mattel dog character. It’s hard to say what kind of toy Poochie was. Was she a stamp? A doll?  All we can be sure of is that Poochie contained pink multitudes. This is wonderfully demonstrated on Curator Nichole Caulk’s Poochie Pinterest board.

3. Big Wheels


If you never got a Big Wheel, you’re probably still stinging a bit. Depending on how deep the pain is, you may want to check out the Adult Sized Big Wheels board curated by Melinda Casanova. But if all you really want is to relive the beauty of a 1980s Barbie Big Wheel or the classic bad-tushie red, blue and yellow, check out the Big Wheels and Bikes board curated by Mariesa Huthwaite.

4. Popples


Warning: If you click on this Popples Board link, your body may not be able to produce enough insulin to offset the effects of a page full of furry rainbow rabbit monkeys bursting out of their own portable wombs. Curated by Abby Sigfrid.

5. NES


Behold, the Nintendo Entertainment System: 8-bit Central has collected for you over 400 pins in tribute to what amounts to your sweet first kiss in the gaming world. Before you threw away your innocence on high priced trollops like PS4 and X Box One.

6. Sticker books


As surely as all girls in the '80s would someday get their first training bra, they would also get their first sticker book. Those early sticker collections are an interesting predecessor of Pinterest itself. People collecting pictures of food and unicorns for display. The only difference was that instead of ecard jokes to represent how lazy and cranky we are, we just used Garfield. Curated by Kelly Sweeney Osato.

7. Annie


Annie has been around for a long time, but until that awesome 1982 movie with an amazing Tim Curry and hilarious Carol Burnett and probably some other actors, she was this unholy comic book ghoul with no eyes.  But as Kori Barnett proves with her Annie the movie board, the early '80s brought an Annie with enough sass and promotional gear to make every girl wish she was a Depression-era orphan.

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January 7, 2014 - 6:00pm
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