Attention Entenmann's Fans: The Baked Goods Brand Is Looking for a Chief Donut Officer


Good news, baked goods fans: All your years spent eating Entenmann's doughnuts may soon pay off. The classic pastry company is now accepting applications for Chief Donut Officer, an honorary position that comes with a year's worth of doughnuts.

The Chief Donut Officer, or CDO, must have big ideas for the brand and, most importantly, an intense love for doughnuts. After filling out the online application form with answers to such questions such as "How/where do you enjoy eating your favorite Entenmann's donut?" and "How would you make Entenmann's donuts even better?" candidates will be judged on creativity, originality, and passion. Five finalists will then be chosen to submit the video testimonials where they can make their final pitches. The grand prize winner will be voted on by consumers.

In addition to winning a year's worth of doughnuts, the CDO will also receive $5000 and Entenmann's-branded swag. And though they won't be getting the sweet title, the four runners-up will each walk away with $1000 and their own year-long doughnut supply.

The contest is a celebration of National Doughnut Day, which falls on Friday, June 1. Doughnut lovers will be able to buy special Entenmann's boxes promoting the Chief Donut Officer Contest from now through June 30, when the first phase of the contest closes. The winner will be announced August 7.

This Ultra-Comfy Travel Onesie Has an Inflatable Hood and Neck Pillow


If you’re preparing to take a 10-hour flight, you’re probably going to reach for the comfiest outfit in your closet rather than the trendiest one. So, in an effort to design the “ultimate travel apparel,” Norwegian brand Onepiece has created a unisex line of Inflatable Travel Jumpsuits—otherwise known as onesies.

The outfit, spotted by Travel + Leisure, boasts over 15 airplane-friendly features that frequent travelers will appreciate. The hood inflates to form a cushion, and a built-in neck pillow also puffs up to provide some extra support. Use the “snooze cap” to shield your eyes, and if you really want to block out all the light, you can cover your face by zipping the hood down (there’s still plenty of breathing room). Finally, to prevent any awkward contact with your neighbor while you nod off, you can strap yourself into your seat by using the sleeping mask and adjustable head stabilizer.

Different features of the onesie

There are also plenty of pockets. One is large enough to fit a tablet or magazine, while double-zipped kangaroo pockets are designed to protect your valuables. The pants also sport cargo pockets, and additional velcro pockets inside the chest area of the onesie can be detached and placed in a tray while you go through airport security.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s a zippered “Rear Exit Solution” on the butt of the pants, so if you need to do your business, you won’t have to get half-naked to do so.

We get that most people probably stopped wearing onesies after their seventh birthday, but the fact that the shirt and bottoms are connected is actually pretty subtle. Check out the company’s Kickstarter video below to see it being modeled, and if you’re interested in sporting this look, you have until November 12 to back the project and secure your onesie for $149.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]

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