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If You Don’t Have A Fireplace…

Or even if you do, you’ll want to put this outstanding Lil Bub Magical Yule Log video on whenever people come to visit.


If You’re Up Late Studying…

You might catch this hilarious infomercial for the fictional college known as For-Profit Online University. I promise it gets weirder and funnier the longer it goes.


Picasso On A Budget

A man in Pennsylvania paid $138 for raffle tickets and won a Picasso original worth 7 figures. Is this the way art should be sold from now on?


Game On

Time presents part one of their history of video game consoles.


Judge These Books By Their Covers

Because they have the best book covers of the year. And here are the best movie posters of the year.


It’s the Thought That Counts

It’s just that these gifts don’t require that much thought. Cracked runs down a list of the seven worst gifts people give every Christmas. I would add coin sorters to the list, as every single store I go in has those prominently displayed.


Eat candy

It fights cavities! ... Huh? That’s the idea with this particular sweet treat.


Goodbye, Mr. Oliver

John Oliver was one of the best correspondents in the history of The Daily Show, and they paid fitting tribute as he left last night.

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December 20, 2013 - 3:30pm
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