Chicago's New McDonald's Serves Sandwiches From Hong Kong and McFlurries From Brazil


If you want to get a taste of local flavors when visiting a foreign country, just duck into the nearest McDonald's. The quintessential American burger chain adapts its menu wherever it sets up shop to reflect local palates and dietary restrictions. Now, Mickey D's super-fans interested in sampling every menu item offered abroad can get a little closer to achieving that goal without leaving the U.S. As Eater Chicago reports, the restaurant at the new McDonald's headquarters in Chicago will feature a rotating menu of food served at international locations.

The new nine-story corporate headquarters in Chicago's Fulton Market district is still under construction, but as of April 25, 2018, the 6000-square-foot McDonald's restaurant on its ground floor is open for business. The initial menu includes the McSpicy chicken sandwich from Hong Kong, cheese and bacon loaded fries from Australia, the Mozza salad from France, and the McFlurry Prestigio (with strawberry sauce and chocolate-covered coconut bites) from Brazil. Classic American menu items such as Big Macs and McNuggets are also available to guests.

The new restaurant features all the updates McDonald's has been gradually introducing to its stores in recent years. Customers can use unmanned kiosks to order their meals, take advantage of the location's table service, or order their food online and pull into one of the spaces outside for curbside pickup. The company aims for all of its franchises to offer the “McDonald’s Experience of the Future” by 2020.

“This is an exciting time for McDonald’s and the city of Chicago,” owner-operator Nick Karavites said in a press statement. “As a Chicago native who has grown up in the McDonald’s business, I’m proud to add the new headquarters restaurant to my organization.”

If you were hoping for a domestic McDonald's with slightly more exciting options, like India's spicy paneer wrap or Japan's shrimp burger, you may get your wish in the future: The Chicago restaurant plans to update its menu with new international items every few months.

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A Resin-Preserved KFC Drumstick Can Be Yours for $100

Kentucky for Kentucky
Kentucky for Kentucky

Many devoted KFC fans love the chain's crispy fried chicken for its signature taste and mouthwatering aroma. If you just love the way the chicken looks, now you can keep it on your shelf to admire forever. As Food & Wine reports, Kentucky for Kentucky is selling whole KFC drumsticks encapsulated in resin for $100.

Kentucky for Kentucky, an independent organization that promotes the Bluegrass State, unveiled the jars of "Chick-Infinity" on its website earlier in June. The chicken pieces are authentic Colonel's original recipe drumsticks sourced from a KFC restaurant in Coal Run, Kentucky. While they were at their golden-brown peak, Kentucky artist Coleman Larkin submerged them in 16-ounce Mason jars filled with clear resin "with all the care of a Southern mamaw putting up greasy beans for the winter." 

KFC drumstick in a jar.
Kentucky for Kentucky

The project, part of Larkin's Dixieland Preserves line of Southern-themed resin encapsulations (which also includes the preserved poop of a Kentucky Derby winner), aims to present the iconic Kentucky product in a new way. "Honestly, is there anything better than biting into a warm, crispy KFC drumstick after a day at the lake?" Kentucky for Kentucky writes in a blog post, "we wanted to capture that feeling in a product that didn’t disappear into a pile of bones as soon as it’s opened."

Only 50 of the finger-licking artworks were created, and at $100 a piece, they're worth the price of several KFC family buckets. You can grab one while they're still available from the Kentucky for Kentucky online store.

[h/t Food & Wine]

The World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Just Opened in Norway—Take a Peek Inside

Ivar Kvaal
Ivar Kvaal

Months before it opened, the world's largest underwater restaurant in Norway was already flooded with reservations. Recently, Business Insider reported that Under has finally started serving its first guests. If you can't book a table at the hottest restaurant below sea level, you can look at the photos taken inside to get an idea of the unique dining experience.

In addition to being the largest underwater restaurant on Earth, Under, from the architecture firm Snøhetta, is also the first of its kind in Europe. It's located in the notoriously treacherous waters off Norway's southern coast.

Underwater restaurant jutting out of the sea.
Ivar Kvaal

After entering the angled building from the shore, guests descend into a 100-person dining room with panoramic views of the ocean and passing marine life. The concrete structure is designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment, eventually acting as an artificial reef that attracts plants and animals. The location boasts such biodiversity that Under is also being used as a research center for marine biologists.

Dining room of underwater restaurant.
Ivar Kvaal

Jellyfish in the ocean.
Ivar Kvaal

Once seated, diners will be treated to a seasonal meal from an international team of chefs led by Nicolai Ellitsgaard. The menu highlights locally sourced produce and sustainably caught wildlife. A full meal lasts roughly three-and-a-half to four hours.

Shellfish dish at Under restaurant.
Stian Broch

Spiny crab.
Stian Broch

Dining room of Under, the underwater restaurant.
Ivar Kvaal

Dining room of Under
Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge

Seats at Under are fully booked from now to the end of September. If you're content with getting your name on a waiting list, you can try to reserve a table for earlier in the year through the restaurant's website.

[h/t Business Insider]