The Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Shopping Malls

Remember shopping malls? John Green and his Scatterbrained co-hosts do—and that's exactly where they're headed in this episode of Scatterbrained.

Follow along with them as they introduce you to Victor Gruen, the man who invented the modern shopping mall, then head back to ancient Greece to trace the history of the mall. You'll also hear some behind-the-scenes secrets about what it's like to be a mall Santa, and learn everything you ever wanted to know—and then some—about the world's most famous department stores. Of course, no trip to the mall would be complete without the arduous task of finding a parking spot; they've got some life hacks for dealing with that, too (unless you want your mom to drive you). We can practically smell the Auntie Anne's pretzels!

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Everything You Need to Know About Tourism

Mental Floss via YouTube
Mental Floss via YouTube

Summer has (unofficially) arrived. Which means it's time to start thinking about that most cherished of warm-weather traditions: summer vacation. Whether you're trying to figure out where to go or the best way to save a few dollars getting there, Mental Floss has got you covered.

In this all-new edition of Scatterbrained, presented by Discover, Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy and friends are taking you on a tourism trip around the world. They'll take a look at some of the fastest-growing travel destinations (number one just might surprise you), pay tribute to the supersonic power of the Concorde, figure out how airport codes work (and how Iowa's Sioux Gateway Airport came to embrace the fact that it's known as SUX), detail the strange symptoms of Paris Syndrome, and offer up some helpful tips on how to save money (and your sanity) while traveling.

Get ready to experience some serious wanderlust and watch the full video below.

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Testing Summer Life Hacks We Found on the Internet


With the arrival of summertime comes a host of warm-weather rituals—from cooking s'mores over a campfire to discovering what sort of deep-fried concoctions have made their way to this year's state fair.

Today on Scatterbrained, John Green and friends are celebrating all things summer by testing some warm-weather life hacks, dishing up some fascinating facts on some of your favorite summer treats, and digging into the science of SPF. Slather on the sunblock and watch the full episode below.

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