Sydney Vending Machine Dispenses Treats for Your Mental Health


A vending machine doesn't need to dispense junk food to satisfy a craving. As Mashable reports, a new service in Sydney, Australia offers users neatly packaged items inspired by concepts like "purpose," "friendship," and "spontaneity."

Designed to promote mental health awareness in an unexpected way, Intangible Goods is a temporary installation for the City of Sydney’s Art & About Sydney program. The unique vending machine is a collaboration between artists Elizabeth Commandeur and Mark Starmach and mental health professionals Barbara LeBas, Tim Sharp, and Charlotte Stapf.

Items in vending machine.
City of Sydney

Vending machine visitors have several options to choose from. If they're feeling isolated, they might select "belonging." If they're feeling stressed, they might opt for "chill." Each colorful package contains a product designed to treat that specific emotional need, like origami stars, pencils, maps, and notes.

“We live in a society where, for most of us, our physical needs are largely met, but often our emotional and psychological lives go unfed,” Starmach explained in a statement.

Woman at vending machine.
City of Sydney

Though you can't put a price on happiness, the items cost $2 a pop. All proceeds go to mental health organizations.

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This Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure Comes Complete with Removable Ears

Today Is Art Day, Amazon
Today Is Art Day, Amazon

Historians still don’t know how Vincent van Gogh lost his left ear, or for that matter, how much of it was actually lopped off. However, as Bored Panda reports, Today Is Art Day decided to take historic liberties in the name of nerdy fun and created a mini van Gogh action figure, complete with two completely detachable ears.

Today Is Art Day developed a prototype of the 5-inch PVC figurine back in 2017, and to bring it to the art-loving masses, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. Backers who contributed $28 Canadian dollars (around $21 USD) scored their own van Gogh action figure.

A van Gogh action figure next to a miniature 'Starry Night' painting
Today Is Art Day, Amazon

A boxed Vincent van Gogh action figure
Today Is Art Day, Amazon

Fans who missed out on the Kickstarter the first time around can buy one on Amazon now for $24. He even comes in a box decorated with miniature, cut-out replicas of his Sunflowers (1888) and The Starry Night (1889).

Today Is Art Day has since branched out to produce a whole host of other figurines based on famous icons, from other artists like Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt to scientific luminaries like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

[h/t Bored Panda]

A version of this article first ran in 2017. It has been updated to reflect current availability.

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