Morning Cup of Links: Awe-Inspiring Pictures from NASA

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The 17 Most Spectacular NASA Photos Ever Taken. Time to select your new desktop image!
The very first Xbox One to be distributed on November 22 is being guarded by a tank of tiger sharks. It may look like security gone mad, but you have to admit it's a great publicity stunt.
10 Great TV Shows That Were Royally Screwed By Their Networks. Tweaking the schedule often means no one knows what they are missing.
An elephant tries to break a stick. His reaction to failure is one all humans will recognize.
The Oldest Signs of Life on Earth have been Found in Australia. Bacteria dating back 3.5 billion years built subtle structures in the Outback.
Should we pay women to breastfeed? Some say it's patronizing, but it just might make the practice appear valuable.
The Not-So-Ancient History of 10 Thanksgiving Dishes. You're gonna eat them; you may as well know all about them.

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November 14, 2013 - 5:08am
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