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Heeeeeeeey, Heeeeeeeey, Heeeeeeeey

Break out the Puddin’ Pops, because Bill Cosby is releasing his first stand-up comedy special in three decades, making a new family show and bringing back Fat Albert.


Speaking of Great Cartoons...

Animaniacs was such a great show. If you aren’t already a fan of its inspired offbeat brilliance, just take a look at this tongue-twisting scene.


The Odd Tale of Polywater

Back in the '60s a new type of water was, well, invented, I guess. It was very dense, extremely difficult to freeze, and impossible to boil. Here’s the story behind this odd substance you’ve likely never heard of.


Look Different

This book offers advice on how to shift your perspective on the world.


Laying Down the Lunar Law

PopSci makes the argument that the Moon should become an internationally-controlled object.


Try This With Your eBooks

The Forgotten Bookmarks blog collects all of the interesting things that one used bookstore employee finds in old tomes.


Ouch Around the World

If you’re ever on a trip to another part of the world, and you fall and hurt yourself, you’ll want to know the appropriate way to cry out in agony.


Dead, But Not Infected

Why do prisons use sterilized needles for lethal injections?

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November 12, 2013 - 3:30pm
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