The Missing Links: The Worst Candy Ever

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Bizarre Vintage Candies

If you get one of these in your bag, you have definitely been tricked, not treated. (Via Neatorama)


This Nugget Needs A Bucket

It doesn’t seem right to refer to a 50-lb. hunk of meat as a “nugget”.


What’s the 100M Speed Record for A Dog on A Skateboard?

What’s the record for most one-finger push-ups in a single minute? What athlete has the most highly insured hair? Find the answers to these and other absurd Guinness sports records.


The Way

Do you need a manifesto on which to base your life? You’re in luck! Here are a bunch of different ones you can buy into.



You can never get too many dog costumes. One of the dogs is dressed as Tobias Funke from Arrested Development, and it is fantastic.


The Greatest Halloween Prank Ever

Three-quarters of a century ago, Martians attacked Earth. But was the real prank of War of the Worlds the fact that everyone listening in 1938 was fooled? Or that almost nobody was fooled? These two articles have very different takes.


No Money For A Vacation?

Perhaps you have enough money to send your stuffed animals on vacation instead. Because there is an actual business that offers that now.


The 50 Greatest Horror Film Posters of All Time

Did your favorite make the list?

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