The Missing Links: Breaking Bad on Ice

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Breaking Bad on Ice

Watch "a figure skating homage" to the series.


When Coffee Mattered

You think people care about coffee now? Just take a look at how particular people were about their coffee in the 1950s. Chances are if a woman back then made a cup of coffee for a man, she was in for a verbal bashing about it.


Streaming and Screaming

Check out this list of the best horror films available to stream on Netflix. It even breaks them down into categories, from the traditional (“Good”, “Bad”, Classic”) to the more specialized (“Killer Animals”, “Anything Can Be Haunted”).


Well, it Would Look Pretty Cool

The case for building a Death Star.


Have You Seene This?

The Seene app allows you to create mind-bending 3D images on your smartphone.


That’s So Cool

The Enviro-Cool Limited is a “reverse microwave that chills beer in 45 seconds”.


All In A Day’s Work

How much does the US debt grow each day? This video gives you an idea of what the daily debt increase would look like if it were all dumped on a table in the form of gold bars worth $674,248 each.


Dive In…

To these beautiful photos from the Cliff Diving World Series.

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October 25, 2013 - 4:30pm
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