Explore Antarctica with National Geographic and Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is sponsoring a trip for one lucky candidate to work alongside National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards in Antarctica. The Antarctica: No Ordinary Place, No Ordinary Assignment winner will undergo cold weather training to spend two weeks exploring the stark and beautiful icy landscapes and documenting the work of research teams supported by Air New Zealand and Antarctica New Zealand. By using his or her unique communication skills to bring the experience to life for everyone back at home, this lucky explorer will be able to create a unique voice for Antarctica and ultimately draw attention to environmental issues and the important work of the researchers.

If you've got good communication skills and a desire for adventure, you can enter at

The History of 3D Technology
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New Yorkers have been leading the way with 3D technology and entertainment for over 100 years. From the first test reels with 3D glasses to the New York Lottery Gold Castle Scratch-off 3D app, find out how 3D technology has evolved and how you can be part of 3D history.
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Man Experiences Halftime Twice in His Life Thanks to Pepsi

Not many of us can say that we were there in the bleachers for Super Bowl IV—but Rory O'Connor can. So Pepsi tracked down this passionate Super Bowl fan and surprised him with a reprise of that special day.

Watch what happens when he experiences the Halftime performance of a lifetime—for a second time. Complete with Carol Channing!

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