The Missing Links: Where American Music Happened

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See the Music

If you’re a fan of music (and who isn’t?) you owe it to yourself to checkout this fantastic rundown of American music landmarks—and then go see a few.


The Robots Aren’t Taking Over

Mechanical workers were supposed to have taken these jobs by now. What gives?


Stuff It

Dead Famous is a short film about the art of taxidermy.


Katzenberg Loves Heisenberg

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, tried to offer $75 million to get just three more episodes of Breaking Bad.


Puny Pigskin

If you’ve ever watched the popular football documentary series Hard Knocks, you’ll probably love this pee-wee football parody, Little Knockers, even better. It even features the deep, gravely narration you expect from a football film.


Block the Vote

This Presidential election certainly seems to have had a bit of corruption involved, especially since the government released the election results before any voting had actually taken place.


S is for Science

Let Grover take your child through 5 interesting science experiments designed for kids. And if you don’t have any kids and want to do them yourself, that’s fine too.


Curiosity Killed the Inventor

I always knew there was a good reason I’ve never invented anything. I don’t want to die. These people weren’t so cautious, and were killed by their own inventions.

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October 10, 2013 - 3:30pm
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