The Missing Links: Explaining Dino Erotica

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Raptor Enrapture

Alara Branwen and Christie Sims write erotic fiction about dinosaurs. Why do they do this? Let them explain.


Del-Eating Cookies

Everyone’s favorite baked goods-loving monster has turned his appetite toward the internet.


How to Create

There’s no roadmap that leads you to the creative “Ah-ha!” moment. In this video, the PBS Off Book series explores the magic of creating.


Or Just Start Crying

Don’t let the creative process make you cry, unless that is your creative process. Check out these paintings created by snorting paint and then crying out colored tears. Hey, everyone’s muse is different.


Drones Gone Good

If you like wine, you may not mind these particular drones flying overhead.


Pop Culture

Why do we munch on exploded corn kernels at the movies?


Feel Super

Even if you aren’t.


Feel Immortal

Because maybe you will be.

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October 7, 2013 - 3:30pm
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