The Missing Links: Space, Visualized

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How Big Is It?

Any time I try to visualize the fact that space goes on forever, my brain immediately shuts down and decides instead to start thinking about cartoons or snacks or pretty much anything else. I’m no genius. Luckily, this video does a fantastic job of conveying important information about our galaxy in a very digestible way.


DIY: Electric Bike

It won’t look nearly as cool, but it also won’t cost nearly as much.


For Real

Yup, these old-timey photos are totally real, even if your brain doesn’t want to believe it.


One Crazy Couch Bit

I know that a lot of people think The Simpsons might be past its prime, and I would probably agree. But this opening sequence created by Guillermo Del Toro is really twisted and super epic.


Waiting For the Wedding

Stephen Colbert swooped in to help a couple whose wedding was ruined by the government shutdown. Here are some other odd reasons that couples had to delay saying “I do”. As a wise man once said: “Love is a mysterious fig.”


Who Let the Dogs Out?

We still don’t know, but someone needs to get them back in and keep them there.


I’m Out of Office Until…

These people cannot check their messages. So, don’t expect an immediate response.


Famous Footwear

This poster series honors iconic character kicks.

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October 4, 2013 - 3:30pm
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