The Missing Links: 90210's Kelly and Donna to Team Up, Solve Mysteries

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Tori and Jennie Reunite part of a new series that Spelling is creating for ABC Family.


When the Aliens Arrive

“The Alien's Guide to the Ruins of Washington, DC” is a current art project that explores the idea that aliens finally visit Earth in some futuristic year, only to find that humans are extinct, and they must try to piece together what exactly we were doing here.


Ranking the 30s

ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series is a fantastic examination of interesting, unique and offbeat sports topics. If you’ve never seen them, you might want to check out this ranking of the films, and start with the best.


What Walt Taught

Breaking Bad was packed full of science lessons.


The Hollywood Hotel

The latest episode of Pop Pilgrims visits the Biltmore. You know the place, even if you don’t know the place.


Awe-Inspiring and Empty

You can’t shut down amazing beauty like this.


Sucking Up Attention

Honda decided to promote their new on-board vacuum by targeting a bunch of snack brands on Twitter. Then the snacks fought back.


The Day the Clown Talked

Decades before Life is Beautiful, Jerry Lewis made a Holocaust film called The Day the Clown Cried. After the film was horribly received by the few people who saw it, Lewis sealed it away from the world and has never released it or agreed to speak about it. Because of that, the film became one of the most mysterious and highly-sought lost films of all time. Now that 7 minutes of a making-of documentary have recently been released, EW writer recalls the one time he sort of got Lewis to open up about it.

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October 3, 2013 - 3:30pm
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