The Missing Links: On the Verge of Lightsabers

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Lightsabers At Last

Well, sort of. But we don’t have hoverboards, or flying cars, or teleportation yet. So let’s celebrate this.


Now That Is Devotion

You won’t believe the temple that an ex-Monk has spent 10 hours building by hand every day since 1963. And I can’t get my garage cleaned out.


Losing Big in Vegas

Mitzi Briggs lost a fortune in Sin City in a totally different way than most people.


Speaking of the Vegas Mob…

You can take an official Vegas mob tour. That’s just one of the entries in this list of interesting sightseeing options.


The King Who Tried to Kill the President

Kevin Curtis is the Elvis impersonator that you may remember hearing about a while back who allegedly tried to kill President Obama with ricin. But you probably haven’t heard just how weird the real story is.


Speaking of Ricin

You’ve gleefully devoured all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad, but did you ever see these five mini-episodes?


Detroit’s Empty Island Zoo

The Motor City’s original zoo sits empty today.


It Doesn’t Matter What Comes

Fresh goes better in life, with Mentos fresh and full of life.

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September 30, 2013 - 3:30pm
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