The Missing Links: The Art-Forging Robot

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The Robots Are Taking All the Jobs

What are all of those hardworking art forgers going to do now?


The Movies About Nothing

Someone has taken all of the fake movies referenced in Seinfeld and made them real movie posters.


What A Hack

A lot of movies feature scenes of people breaking into secured computer systems, and many of them are awful.



This article details nearly two dozens things that a lot people believe are true, even though Mythbusters has proven them wrong.


Hit Them Where They Live

The Seattle Police Department is attempting to get information to marijuana users by printing it on packages of Doritos. That seems like it is almost definitely going to work.


Unconventionally Awesome Athleticism

These fantastic, offbeat feats are sure to stand the test of time.


Oh No, It’s Robert Cop!

When it comes to a child’s toy, the small differences can make all the difference. These entertaining knockoffs show that perfectly.


There Must Be 50 Ways...

To kill your characters. At least according to Alfred Hitchcock.


For the Comedy Fans

A short new e-book called Searching For Dave Chappelle just came out.

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August 15, 2013 - 3:30pm
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