11 Gifts for the Home


If home is where the heart is, it should reflect all the things its inhabitants love. And whether that's quirky cat prints or voice-command electronics, we have your gift-buying covered.

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For the artistic friend who always has a chalkboard of doodles or inspirational quotes hanging in the entryway, this oversized chalk pencil from Switzerland will make the decorating process far less messy than the traditional options.

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This ceramic serving tray is perfect for the foodie who fancies their cheese and charcuterie spreads to be masterpieces.

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Losing your keys when you need to run out the door is a time-honored tradition, but attaching a Tile Sport helps ensure that your giftee's keys can’t hide for too long. Plus, it can be used in reverse—if they lose their phone, the Tile attached to the keys can be used to call their cell, even if the phone is on silent.

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The EPA estimates that up to 30 percent of what we throw away could actually be composted, which would help reduce greenhouse gasses and improve soil quality. This cute carbon-filtered countertop container will hide any banana peels, coffee grounds, or—yes—late-night fried rice until you can take it out to the backyard or a local community composting program.

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Whether your friend appreciates the scent of natural incense or might want to cleanse their home of any bad juju before the new year, these mini bundles of dried white sage are the perfect gift to keep on hand for the hosts of any and all holiday parties.

Find It: Juniper Ridge


The dead of winter requires some proactive steps to combat any potential seasonal sadness. This long-lasting LED bulb (good for 50,000 hours, or roughly five and half years of nonstop use) is designed to take up minimal space while still emitting a full-spectrum light that can help alleviate the December doldrums.

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Called "You Asleep Yet?", this 22" x 25" print of a furtive feline by artist Laura Graves would be a welcome companion for anyone whose apartment doesn’t allow pets.

Find It: Society6


"Alexa, change your look!" The latest Echo device comes in a variety of new looks, from chic charcoal or sandstone fabric to a walnut veneer. But, beyond the visual, the new Echo has enhanced speakers and a new, richer Dolby audio processor, making it much clearer, and Alexa now boasts more than 25,000 skills, including new game features and voice-command purchasing on Amazon Prime.

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Made in Connecticut and New York, this brass wire key ring is a solid holiday (or housewarming) gift. Because almost everyone could use a minimalist upgrade, no matter how small.

Find It: Upstate Stock


Add some doggone personality to any bookshelf—this good boy, who comes in black or white, will guard your book collection from any mailmen or squirrels. Or whatever books' major predators are.

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With a 10-hour battery life and 360-degree sound, this petite portable speaker packs a punch. And, for the clumsy among us, the waterproof feature safely allows it to be accidentally knocked into bubble baths or splashed with cannonball water poolside without skipping a beat.

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Need a Robot Vacuum? Neato's Botvac D6 Is $330 Off This Week


We've previously recommended robot vacuums as an amazingly easy way to keep your home free of dust, pet hair, and other allergy-triggering nasties, but with higher-tech models going for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, it can be hard to convince yourself you need a vacuum that badly. Except when there's a great sale, like this week's Best Buy deal on Neato's Botvac D6 Connected vacuum.

The app-controlled automated vacuum normally retails for $729, but it's going for $400 right now—a $330 discount. That's 45 percent off.

The Botvac D6, which came out in 2018 and is one of the company's fanciest models, features a battery life of 120 minutes, LaserScan technology that allows it to memorize your home's floorplan (including multi-level homes), a high-performance filter to collect allergens, a turbo mode with increased suction, a pre-scheduling feature, and that signature D-shape that's made to capture debris in tight corners. Neato advertises the Botvac D6's combination of brushes as being 70 percent larger than most other robot vacuums' brushes, allowing it to pick up even more pet hair and dirt.

It also has a bunch of smart features that lower-tier robot vacuums don't offer, like the Quick Boost charging feature, which allows the vacuum to return to its base to quickly top off its charge—just enough to finish the job—if it's running low on juice, and the ability to set no-go lines around pet bowls, piles of cords, and other areas that you don't want your vacuum zooming through. You can control the vacuum via your phone, Amazon Home, Alexa, your Apple Watch, the Neato Chatbot on Facebook, and more.

This is only the latest Neato vacuum to go on super-sale. In March, the company's Botvac D4 was also featured in Best Buy's weekly deals, selling for $300. That model (which features 75 minutes of battery life to the D6's 120) is currently selling for $400 at Best Buy as well.

Here's a tip: We bet your dad would love getting one of these babies for Father's Day. It would also make an excellent gift for a new grad moving into their first grown-up apartment.

Buy it from Best Buy for $400. The deal lasts until 10 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, May 27.

If controlling your cleaning plan with your phone doesn't seem exciting enough to you, there are plenty of even fancier robot cleaning assistants out there. May we suggest one that will vacuum, mop, and clean itself?

Pop Chart’s Game of Thrones Poster Highlights 8 Seasons of Crowns, Armor, Creatures, and More

Pop Chart
Pop Chart

The much-anticipated Game of Thrones series finale aired on Sunday, May 19, marking the end of the show's eight-season run. After you've finished processing the conclusion, and which bizarre fan theories actually came true, reflect on the designs that brought the world to life with this poster from Pop Chart.

This epic infographic includes the major objects, locations, animals, and sigils that make appearances throughout the fantasy series. Swords, like Arya's Needle and Jon's Longclaw, have been fully illustrated. The poster also highlights the show's costume design, with a section showing the armor of each major character and army, as well as one for important crowns.

Under "Fauna," you'll find mythical creatures such as dragons, direwolves, and the Three-Eyed Raven. Winterfell, King's Landing, and Dragonstone are featured in "Castles," while the sigils of the houses Stark, Lanninster, and Targaryen fall under "Regalia." Naturally, the Iron Throne has a prominent spot at the top of the poster.

New items were added to the graphic as the final season of Game of Thrones progressed, and now fans can order the final 18-by-24-inch print to display in their home.

Buy it from Pop Chart for $30.

Can't get enough Thrones merchandise? Here are 15 more products every fan needs.

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