Morning Cup of Links: A Star Wars TV Show?

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Miss Cellania is on vacation. If you're dying to guest host the Morning Cup of Links the rest of the week for $100, leave four amazing links in a comment as your audition. If we find someone great, you'll start tomorrow!

How would you feel about a Star Wars TV show on ABC?
Running up late fees at your local library? It could be worse. A history book in Kentucky recently showed up 150 years after it was checked out.
There's a new Doctor! Let's get to know Peter Capaldi. Fun fact: At age 15, he wrote a letter to Radio Times about Doctor Who.
Over at WebUrbanist, they're discussing 3D-printed shells for hermit crabs.
Remember those Grandmama commercials with Larry Johnson in the early 1990s? That was not exactly the idea Converse sold to LJ.
If you've ripped through Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you might like this New York Times story on Piper Kerman, whose memoir inspired the show.
One more! As part of the Fiesta Movement, I fired up our Facts Machine and am ready to share some things you might not know about classic video games.

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August 5, 2013 - 5:02am
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