The Missing Links: The Story of the Soaker

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Revisiting Your Favorite Childhood Toy

Who is the wonderful, amazing, beautiful genius that brought us the Super Soaker?


Revisiting Your Favorite Childhood Films

Check out the interesting trivia on some of the most popular kids sports films of the last few decades.


What This All About?

Song Stories are great, short little explanations of what or who well-known songs are all about.


Stars and Insomnia

Camping could be the key to finally getting some Z’s.


Or Sleep In High Style

If camping doesn’t work, these tree houses are pretty incredible and well-equipped.


Always Be Prepared

Take a look at the speech the Queen of England planned to give in the event that nukes started dropping.


An Old Friend Turns 50

We all have an old friend that we were once a lot closer with. Lately none of us have really had any use for this old companion. And though they are (almost entirely) gone, they shouldn’t be forgotten.


Other Forgotten Things

These have also gone the way of the cassette.

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August 2, 2013 - 3:30pm
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