The Missing Links: No TV And No Beer Make Homer Something Something

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The Simpsons Pay Homage: Part II

A few days ago I posted the video of movie references from seasons 1-5 of The Simpsons. Well, here is the inevitable, and quite enjoyable, follow-up.


Endless Emotion in 140 Characters

In what is probably the most thoroughly-modern tribute ever, an NPR host honors his mother by tweeting from the hospital room as she passes away. The result is extremely touching.


A Few Minutes of Mimicry

This guy pulls off 105 different impressive impersonations in just a matter of minutes.


Be Honest With Yourself, Sports Fans

There are 16 different types of sports fans. Which kind are you?


Arithmetic + the Apocalypse

The people that survive the coming zombie scourge may not be the biggest, fastest, strongest or most well armed. They may be the math nerds.


Hit the Road

It’s not too late to get in a really cool summer road trip. Here are a few unique suggestions.


The Tooth Knows the Truth

Would you wear a microchip in your tooth that alerts you when you are overeating?


Crime Scene Granny

Meet the 67-year old woman that revolutionized crime scene investigation.

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July 31, 2013 - 3:30pm
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