The Missing Links: Wife Carrying and Other Weird Championships

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The Unusual Facts

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Champions of the Weird

Air Guitar. Wife Carrying. Canine Freestyle Dancing. Just a few of the oddball “sports” in which it’s possible to win a National Championship.


It’s Friday, So Just Lay Back and Relax...

On a 27,000-square foot hammock.


The Lake Strangler

It sounds like the plot of a campy horror movie, but it actually happened. Back in 1986, Lake Nyos exploded, creating a cloud of gas that killed more than 1700 people across a 15-mile radius.


The Great SNL Debate

Is it alright for the Saturday Night Live cast to laugh throughout their sketches?


Now That’s A Fish Tale

Even if you aren’t a fisherman, these viral fishing stories are rather interesting.


I Knew That Seemed Like A Bad Idea

Sticking your head inside of a crocodile’s mouth is one of those “zero margin for error” type activities. Safely doing it a thousand times is well and good, unless you’ve attempted it 1,001 times.


Ward 3B

In this article, The Big Roundtable details the world inside a psychiatric ward.


On This Date: The Post Office Established

On this date in 1775 the US Postal system was created. So you might be wondering if you can start your own.

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July 26, 2013 - 3:30pm
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