The Missing Links: The Truth About Toilet Snakes

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The Grossest Thing In Your Toilet

… Might not be what you imagine. Do snakes, or other disgusting animals, really appear from time to time in toilets? I wish the answer was no.


Stop It

Seriously. Quit it. Quit making these sounds. Now.


Classic Sitcoms

You can watch some of TV's greatest sitcoms on YouTube.


Go Deep

If you haven’t had your daily inspiration, why not relive the mind-blowing aphorism of SNL’s classic Deep Thoughts?


They All Fall Down

Check out 275,000 dominoes falling down one after another. It’s rather amazing.


SOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

This TV spot for the Star Wars Atari game is way more exciting than the actual game probably was.


I Hated, Hated, Hated This Film

Flavorwire is celebrating Irrational Hatred Week by listing some films that their staffers despise. Mine is Million Dollar Baby. What’s yours?


July 17, 1955: Disneyland Opens

Walt Disney’s dream was unveiled to the world 58 years ago today. Check out film of what it looked like two years later and some Disney property projects that never leapt to life.

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July 17, 2013 - 3:30pm
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